Prùmyslový snímaè vibrací pro nároèné podmínky

ACC102 : Prùmyslový snímaè vibrací pro nároèné podmínky
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  Ideal for Harsh Environments
  Hermetically Sealed
  Superior Low Noise Floor for High Resolution
  Rugged Strain Relief on Integral Cable
  Fast Turn-on Time (1 Sec)
  High EMI Noise Rejection

The ACC102A accelerometer uses a shear mode design for high performance. It has a rugged stainless steel inner structure covered by a molded polymer. This construction makes the ACC102 impervious to harsh environments, such as alkaline coolants, hot oil and water sprays, resulting in long, reliable service. Additional features include high shock protection (to protect from dropping or mishandling), cross wire protection (protects against miswiring), and up to 1000 volt static discharge protection. The ACC102 has a high 100 mV/g output and measures across wide frequency and acceleration ranges. A low impedance cable allows for runs up to 1000 ft. The ACC102 exhibits the low noise floor and high amplitude linearity you’d expect in more expensive units.

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Compatible Meters: DP25-VRMS, HHSM83K

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 ACC102A    11,820.00 Kč   Accelerometer
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