BVP80 Series
Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Models

BVP80 Series : Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Models
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13,650.00  Kč *

  Compact Size and Lightweight Construction
  Reliable, Long Lasting Performance
  Standard “In Line” or “Cross Mount” Valve to Actuator Configurations
  Spring-Return Design Accommodates Air Supply as Low as 50 psi
  Stainless Steel External Trim and FKM O-Rings Standard
  Direct Valve Stem Coupling to Actuator Shaft Minimizes Backlash
  Manual Override Standard
  Electric Actuators Feature Two 1/2 NPT Conduit Ports and Integral Thermal Overload Protection

The pneumatic actuators on the BVP/BVPS80 and BVP/BVPS70 Series offer the latest technology for pneumatically actuating BV80 Series ball valves with NPT threads and BV70 Series with compression fittings. The BVP80 and BVP70 Series are a combination of the three key elements for long, reliable, trouble free life-a premium quality ball valve, a quality actuator designed to meet the torque requirements of the valve, and a mounting system which assures alignment and rigidity.

The BV80 and BV70 ball valves low operating torque makes possible a compact actuator that is both economical to install and operate. Precise machining of all the valve components, including the seats, controls the sealing preload. This assures bubble-tight sealing, minimizes the operating torque and optimizes the valve life.

The mounting system precisely couples the actuator drive shaft to the valve stem. Additionally, the valve stem nut is fixed within the actuator shaft. These features combined with a rigid mounting bracket, results in a pneumatically actuated ball valve which minimizes backlash, assures optimum stem seal life and eliminates any possibility of stem nut backing off while in service.

The BVPS80 and BVPS70 Series offers a spring return model requiring only 50 psi supply air that can spring to open or close without loss of output torque from the air operated side. This is achieved by two opposing lightweight Zytel® or manufactured aluminum housed spring modules that are fully compressed by air operated diaphragm pistons.

All BVPS80 and BVPS70 Series are designed to operate using an air supply of 3.5 to 8.6 bar (50 to 125 psi). The air can be delivered by direct mounting pilot valves having NAMUR interfaces or from remote pilot valves connected via means of 1/8 NPT female threaded orifices in the actuator face plates.

Caution: Care must be taken to assure that the output torque of the BVP80 Series actuator selected is adequate to turn the valve or device to be operated.

A Limit Switch accessory is offered for the pneumatic actuators. The BVLS limit switch is easily mounted to any pneumatic actuator and provides a means to remotely display valve position or to interconnect the valve with related equipment such as pumps or other valves.

The limit switch accessory utilizes two mechanical SPDT (single-pole, double-throw) micro-switches that respond to actuators' fully open or fully closed position by means of a cam fitted to the actuator top shaft. The switches are rated at 10 A, 250 Vac max. The limit switch is totally enclosed and may be used in applications where a dust tight or weather tight enclosure is required as well as in those locations where general purpose enclosures will serve. The housing, like our pneumatic actuators, is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and has a PTFE impregnated hard-anodized surfaces to enhance corrosion resistance.

The BVE80 and BVE70 Series electric actuated ball valves are a compact mounting system that assures rigid and precise coupling of the actuator to the valve. The unique system features machined alignment brackets oriented with precision locator elements that serve to absorb the reaction torque independent of the mounting bolts. The end result is a system that eliminates the common problem of the mounting bolts loosening while in service. Additional features include thermal overload protection and manual override.

BVE80 and BVE70 Series
Materials of Construction
Enclosure: FR50 Cover, PTFE coated cast aluminum base
Shaft: 18-8 Stainless Steel
External Trim: 300 Series Stainless Steel
Temperature: 4.4 to 65.5°C (40 F to 150°F)
Motor: Reversing, brushless, capacitor-run with auto-reset thermal overload protection
Gear Train: Permanently lubricated, maintenance free
Power: 120 Vac 50/60 Hz single phase
Ports: (2) 1 NPT conduit
Cycle Time: 6 sec
Duty Cycle:
   Models <25 mm (1"): 100%,
   Models ≥32 mm (1-1/4"): 75%
Torque Output:
   Models <25 mm (1"): 150 in-lbs
   Models ≥32 mm (1-1/4"): 300 in-lbs

BVP/BVPS80 and BVP/BVPS70 Series
Materials of Construction
Body: Aluminum with PTFE impregnated hard anodized surfaces
External Hardware: (pinion shaft, driver, end caps) 300 Series Stainless Steel
Spring Modules: Nylon resin housing or manufactured Aluminum, 300 SS hardware External Trim: 300 Series Stainless Steel
Temperature: -28.8 to 176.6°C (-20 to 350°F)
Power: 3.4 to 8.6 bar (50 to 125 psi) air. Sufficient air delivery must be available at the actuator to ensure dependable operation. The following precautions should be observed: Air supply should be clean and free of moisture. When dirty or wet air is a problem; a filter/separator should be specified; these units are most effective when installed as closely as possible to the actuator. A filter, when used, should permit a minimum flow of 4 scfm at an upstream pressure of 4 bar (60 psi). Eliminate severe restrictions to air flow (certain solenoid valves and fittings). The most restricted passage must have an area no smaller than 0.012 in2, the area of 3 mm (1/8") diameter orifice. If more than a single actuator is to be supplied by an individual pilot, the minimum passage requirement applies per actuator.
Port Connections: 1/8 NPT
Tubing: For short runs up to 1.5 m (5'), 4 mm (5/32") I.D. is suitable, 6 mm (1/4") I.D. will serve up to 9 m (30'). For longer runs, use 10 mm (3/8") I.D. or larger.
Interface: NAMUR
Duty Cycle: 100%
Cycle Time: (To open or close) approx 1/2 to 1 second (dependent upon actuator model, air pressure and delivery)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 BVP81    12,750.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVP82    12,750.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVP83    13,200.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVP84    13,350.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVP85    14,100.00 Kč   1"
 BVP86    22,200.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVP87    23,100.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVP88    24,750.00 Kč   2"
 BVP81-SS    13,650.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVP82-SS    13,650.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVP83-SS    14,400.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVP84-SS    15,150.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVP85-SS    16,500.00 Kč   1"
 BVP86-SS    25,350.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVP87-SS    27,900.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVP88-SS    32,850.00 Kč   2"
 BVP71    14,400.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVP72    14,550.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVP73    14,700.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVP74    16,050.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVP75    17,100.00 Kč   1"
 BVP71-SS    15,450.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVP72-SS    15,600.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVP73-SS    16,050.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVP74-SS    18,000.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVP75-SS    19,950.00 Kč   1"
 BVPS81    19,500.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVPS82    19,500.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVPS83    19,950.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVPS84    20,100.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVPS85    20,850.00 Kč   1"
 BVPS86    32,550.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVPS87    33,300.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVPS88    35,250.00 Kč   2"
 BVPS81-SS    20,400.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVPS82-SS    20,400.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVPS83-SS    21,150.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVPS84-SS    21,900.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVPS85-SS    23,250.00 Kč   1"
 BVPS86-SS    35,700.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVPS87-SS    38,100.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVPS88-SS    43,350.00 Kč   2"
 BVPS71    21,150.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVPS72    21,300.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVPS73    21,450.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVPS74    22,800.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVPS75    23,850.00 Kč   1"
 BVPS71-SS    22,200.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVPS72-SS    22,350.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVPS74-SS    24,750.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVPS75-SS    26,550.00 Kč   1"
 BVE81    18,150.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVE82    18,150.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVE83    18,450.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVE84    18,750.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVE85    19,650.00 Kč   1"
 BVE86    22,500.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVE87    23,250.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVE88    25,050.00 Kč   2"
 BVE81-SS    19,200.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVE82-SS    19,200.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVE83-SS    19,950.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVE84-SS    20,550.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVE85-SS    22,050.00 Kč   1"
 BVE86-SS    25,650.00 Kč   1-1/4"
 BVE87-SS    28,050.00 Kč   1-1/2"
 BVE88-SS    33,150.00 Kč   2"
 BVE71    19,950.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVE72    19,950.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVE73    20,100.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVE74    21,600.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVE75    22,500.00 Kč   1"
 BVE71-SS    21,000.00 Kč   1/4"
 BVE72-SS    21,150.00 Kč   3/8"
 BVE73-SS    21,450.00 Kč   1/2"
 BVE74-SS    23,550.00 Kč   3/4"
 BVE75-SS    25,350.00 Kč   1"
 BVLS1    11,160.00 Kč   Limit switch for 1/4" to 1" pneumatic valves
 BVLS2    12,450.00 Kč   Limit switch for 1-1/4" to 2" pneumatic valves
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

BVP80 and BVPS80 include solenoid valve.

 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) BVP86-SS 316 SS 1-1/4 FNPT ball valve with pneumatic actuator = 25,350.00 Kč

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