CN7600 Series
1/8 DIN Vertical Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers

CN7600 Series : 1/8 DIN Vertical Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
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  Dual 4-Digit LED Display
  8 Ramp/Soak Programs, 8 Segments Each
  Universal Inputs
  Dual Control Outputs
  RS-485 Communications
  Free Software
  Alarm Functions

Input Types Range
K Thermocouple -200 to 1300°C (-328 to 2372°F)
J Thermocouple -100 to 1200°C (-148 to 2192°F)
T Thermocouple -200 to 400°C (-328 to 752°F)
E Thermocouple 0 to 600°C (32 to 1112°F)
W Thermocouple -200 to 1300°C (-328 to 2372°F)
R Thermocouple 0 to 1700°C (32 to 3092°F)
S Thermocouple 0 to 1700°C (32 to 3092°F)
B Thermocouple 100 to 1800°C (212 to 3272°F)
L Thermocouple -200 to 850°C (-328 to 1562°F)
U Thermocouple -200 to 500°C (-328 to 932°F)
Pt 100 RTD -200 to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)
0 to 50 mV -999 to 9999
0 to 5V -999 to 9999
0 to 10V -999 to 9999
0 to 20 mA* -999 to 9999
4 to 20 mA* -999 to 9999
*Requires external 250Ω precision shunt resistor, OMX-R250 (sold separately).
The CN7600 Series 1/8 DIN temperature/process controllers offer versatility and reliability for temperature and process monitoring applications. Designed as a vertical mount 1/8 DIN controller, the CN7600 features dual outputs, universal input, and up to three additional alarm outputs. The second output can be configured as a third alarm output. Select the alarm type from 13 different preprogrammed alarm functions. Control methods include ON/OFF, PID, auto-tune or manual tune. PID control is supported with 64 ramp/soak control actions. RS-485 communication is standard on the CN7600 with up to 247 available addresses.

Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltages or DC current
Display: Two 4-digit, 7-segment 9.53 mm (0.38") H LEDs
    PV: Red
    SV: Green
Accuracy: ±0.25% span, ±1 least significant digit
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 5 VA max
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Memory Backup: Nonvolatile memory
Control Output Ratings:
    Relay: SPST, 5 A @ 250 Vac resistive
    Voltage Pulse: 14V, 10 to -20% (max 40 mA)
Current: 4 to 20 mA
Linear Voltage: 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V
Communication: RS-485 MODBUS® communication protocol
Panel Cut-Out: 92 x 46 mm (3.60 x 1.8")
Maximum Panel Thickness: 9.50 mm (0.375")
Panel Depth: 79.2 mm (3.125")
Weight: 425 g (15 oz)
Front Panel Rating: IP66

Panel Punches are available for this product here.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CN7623    4,890.00 Kč   Dual output, DC pulse/relay with RS-485*
 CN7633    4,920.00 Kč   Dual output, relay/relay with RS-485*
 CN7653    4,890.00 Kč   Dual output, 4 to 20 mA/relay with RS-485*
 CN7663    4,890.00 Kč   Dual output, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 Vdc/relay with RS-485*
 CNQUENCHARC    450.00 Kč   Noise Suppression RC snubber (2 leads), 110 to 230 Vac
 OMX-R250    70.00 Kč   250Ω precision resistor
 CN7-485-USB-1    3,250.00 Kč   RS-485 to USB Mini-Node Converter
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 * využijte možnost konzultovat ceny pøímo s našimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejní oddìlení, e-mail: viz. kontaktní informace)
 Poznámka: Comes with operator’s manual.
* Free CN7-A software download
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) CN7623 Dual output controller, DC pulse, mechanical relay output, RS-485 communications = 4,890.00 Kč

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