CT9000 Series
Circular Chart Recorders, Microprocesser-Based

CT9000 Series : Circular Chart Recorders, Microprocesser-Based
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  1-, 2-, 3- or 4-Pen Version
  Programmable for 254, 280, 305 mm (10, 11 or 12") Charts
  Accepts Thermocouple, RTD, V, mV, mA or Switch Signals
  40 Character Display
  Up 4 Alarms per Variable
  16 Profiles

The CT9000 microprocessor-based circular recorder offers one to four trends with one color per channel. The latter allows future trend addition upgrades and improves chart annotation of times, dates, scale values, trend line tags, and user configurable real time actuated chart messages. The instrument can have up to eight inputs. Some inputs do not have to be associated with the trend pens, i.e. display only. Up to four process values can be displayed on the 40-character vacuum fluorescent display at one time (2 lines of 20 characters each). Full English prompts allow easy configuration of the unit. Using proven dotting head print technology, there is no time difference on the chart between trend lines. This feature, along with the straight radial time line (compared to the curved lines on other recorders) allows for more accurate reading of data. The unit uses plain paper charts with pre-printed rings to further enhance readability and provide better long-term storage.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CT9133    131,670.00 Kč   3-pen-color recorder with three input
 CT9122-AL4    101,910.00 Kč   2-pen 2-color recorder with 2 inputs and four relay outputs
 CT9144    137,030.00 Kč   4-pen four-color recorder with four inputs
 CT9000C-RC-GR    2,560.00 Kč   Pen cartridge-green/red
 CT9000C-RC-GRB    2,520.00 Kč   Pen cartridge-green/red/blue
 CT9000C-RC-GRBB    2,300.00 Kč   Pen cartridge-green/red/blue/black
 CT9000C-12-100    780.00 Kč   Paper, 305 mm (12"), 100 div, 100 sheets
 CT9000C-12-120    2,050.00 Kč   Paper, 305 mm (12"), 120 div, 100 sheets
 CT9000C-11-100    780.00 Kč   Paper, 280 mm (11"), 100 div, 100 sheets
 CT9000-WALL    920.00 Kč   Wall mounting brackets
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 Poznámka: Recorder comes complete with a pkg of charts, pen cartridge and operator’s manual.
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) CT9111 1-pen one-color recorder with one input = 83,010.00 Kč

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