CTH100 Series
Temperature/Relative Humidity Chart Recorders

CTH100 Series : Temperature/Relative Humidity Chart Recorders
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  Continuous Self-Recording
  Portable, Wall Mount or Bench Mount
  167 mm (6.6") Charts
  Easy Replaceable Pens
  1.5 V Battery Operation Only
  Recording Time Available In:
-One Day
-Eight Days
-Thirty -Two Days

  °F or °C Available

The CTH100 thermo-hygrograph chart recorder provides an economical way to read and record both temperature and relative humidity, without the need to install expensive sensors. This portable, battery-operated recorder offers simultaneous recording on its 6.6" (167 mm) easy-to-read circular chart. Three models are available based on recording time - 1 day, 8 days, or 32 days. Its neat appearance and compact size make it ideal for a number of applications in a variety of locations: laboratories, wineries, warehouses, computer rooms, museums, hotels, restaurants, factories, textile mills, paper mills, construction sites, greenhouses, mushroom cultivation farms, and home gardens.

It is designed for wall-mounted operation in a vertical, upright position; a stand is available should you want to place it on a counter. The CTH100’s simple, straightforward design also makes the replacement of charts and recording pens an easy task. The two color pens make it easy to distinguish the dual trend lines.

Clearly, the CTH100 is the economical choice for reading temperature and relative humidity in a wide variety of applications.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CTH100-1D-C   Kontaktujte prodejce  Thermo-hygrograph chart recorder, 1 day, °C
 CTH100-C-1D-F    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °F-1 day
 CTH100-C-8D-F    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °F-8 day
 CTH100-C-32D-F    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °F-32 day
 CTH100-C-1D-C    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °C-1 day
 CTH100-C-8D-C    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °C-8 day
 CTH100-C-32D-C    450.00 Kč   Chart paper °C-32 day
 CTH100-STAND    1,120.00 Kč   CTH100-STAND
 CTH100-PENSET    810.00 Kč   Replacement pen set*(shelf life is one year)
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*One red and one blue pen
Each unit includes: 1 package 30 charts, 2 pens, battery and operator’s manual.

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