CY7 Series
Cryogenic Temperature Silicon Diode Sensors - Discontinued

CY7 Series : Cryogenic Temperature Silicon Diode Sensors<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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  Uniform Sensing Elements exhibit precise, repeatable, montonic temperature response over a wide range
  Elements are mounted into rugged, hermetically sealed packages that are specifically designed for proper behavior in a cryogenic environment

The CY7 series has been discontinued. Please see the CY670 as a possible alternative or contact our Temperature Engineering department.

The CY7 Series Sensors from Omega represent the first truly new cryogenic sensor technology introduced in the last decade. The sensors incorporate uniform sensing elements that exhibit precise, repeatable, monotonic temperature response over a wide range. The elements are mounted into rugged, hermetically sealed packages that have been specifically designed for proper behavior in a cryogenic environment.The result is a family of sensors with temperature responses so predictable, tightly grouped, and stable that the sensors can be routinely interchanged with one another.

A New Proprietary Silicon Diode Chip
The key to the sensor’s temperature response lies with the basic sensing element itself. The small silicon chip in each sensor has a temperature characteristic that is so stable, so predictable, and conforms so well from chip to chip, that the CY7’s sensors are the first mass produced, interchangeable cryogenic sensors.
A Sensor Package Designed for Cryogenics
Sensors for higher temperatures fall far short for cryogenic use. The complex thermal link between the sensing element and its entire environment must be taken into account, as does the effect of any measurement induced self-heating of the sensor itself, to achieve accurate results. In addition, the package must also withstand repeated cycling to low temperatures without mechanical failure.
Clean room assembly keeps out contaminants.
All CY7 sensors are meticulously assembled in semiconductor grade clean rooms on state-of-the-art bonding equipment. Special effort is made to keep them free of epoxies, polyimides, fluxes, chlorine, and other contaminants which have a detrimental effect on sensor performance.

Choose the sensor style that best fits your application and level of interchangeability you want.

It’s easy to pick the CY7 sensor you should use. Omega starts with the same basic sensor style and offers it unmounted or in a variety of mounting adapters that will simplify installation in your system. Choose from a simple cylinder that slides into a mounting hole, metric or SAE threaded stud mounts, or bolt-on flat mounts. Probes, thermowells and other mounts can be special ordered.

All CY7 sensors follow the temperature response curve shown in standard curve #10. Five bands of tracking accuracy (#1, 2, 3, 4, & 7) are offered to allow sensor selection to be suited to both the technical and economical considerations of any application. Low temperature accuracy ranges from 0.25K for the tightest band (#1) to 1.5K for the loosest (#7).

Model CY7-SD7 Economical Sensor
For applications where temperature measurements below 10K are not required, the CY7-SD7 series offers an inexpensive alternative to the other CY7-SD series temperature sensor. The upper operating temperature is limited to 475K for the CY7-SD7. Since the package configuration of the CY7-SD7 is identical to the CY7-SD, the installation and operation of the device follow the same procedures as the CY7-SD.

The CY7-SD7 follows Standard Curve #10 (on previous page) to a tolerance of ±1.5K or 1.5% of temperature, whichever is greater. Due to possible irregularities and non-monotonic behavior below 10K, extrapolations or interpolations outside of the operating temperature range should not be attempted.

Examples of pricing for popular models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below to get pricing for all available models.
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 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CY7-ET4   Kontaktujte prodejce  Cryogenic sensor with ET configuration and accuracy range 4
 CYIF    6,620.00 Kč   5 pieces of Indium foil, high thermal conductivity, highly malleable, used as a mechanical alternative to CYAG grease to mount a sensor. 0.005 thick x 2 x 2" square
 CYAV    3,690.00 Kč   Adhesive varnish for tacking sensor extension leads (1 pt can)
 CYAG    10,870.00 Kč   General purpose thermal grease, used between sensor and surface (25 g tube)
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Popis voleb
(1) Probe Configuration Type
  Vyberte SD pro 1.4 to 475 K temperature range, ET pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range, BO pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range, CU pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range, LR pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range, MT pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range, CO pro 1.4 to 475 K temperature range, CY pro 1.4 to 325 K temperature range
(2) Accuracy Range
  Vyberte 1 pro 1, 2 pro 2, 3 pro 3, 4 pro 4, 7 pro 7
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