CYC320 Series
Cryogenic Autotune Temperature Controllers

CYC320 Series : Cryogenic Autotune Temperature Controllers
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  Autotune PID
  For Temperature Control from 1.4 to 800K
  Electronic Accuracy and Control Stability to ±0.1°C
  Autotuning–PID Parameters Automatically Determined
  Manual Tuning of PID Parameters via Front Panel
  Silicon Diode, 100 ohm Pt RTD, or Thermocouple Input
  Ability to Store One User Defined Calibration Curve
  RS-232C Communications Standard
  25 Watt dc Heater Output
  Small Rack Mount Package
  Isolated Current Source Allows True 4-Wire Sensor Readings For High Instrument Accuracy

The CYC321 Series Cryogenic Temperature Controllers offer a simple, low cost answer to basic low temperature control needs. They incorporate a scroll type entry so that setup can easily be accomplished from the front keypad. Three models are available to accommodate either silicone diode, RTD or thermocouple input. The operator can also enter a user-defined curve, for a custom sensor. This curve can have up to 97 points plus two end points. The curve values are entered over the standard RS-232 interface.

A cryogenic system is a complex arrangement of thermal resistances and heat capacities which are represented by thermal mass and time constants.

The CYC321 Series analyzes this system’s operating parameters on-line. The Autotune feature increases the user’s efficiency by automatically calculating the correct proportional (gain), integral (reset) and derivative (rate) control parameters within minutes. Once set, the PID values are only modified when the system characteristics change. Time spent adjusting or fine-tuning the controller is eliminated, leaving the user with more time to experiment with something other than controller settings! Heater output of the CYC231 Series is a variable dc current for quiet, stable control.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CYC324-03    73,870.00 Kč   Thermocouple controller
 CYC320-SHC    8,510.00 Kč   Cable assembly for CYC321 and CYC322
 CYC320-HTR    2,970.00 Kč   Cartridge heater, 25 watts
 CYD200-C    1,450.00 Kč   RJ11 jack and 10 ft. (3 m) of cable, RS-232 adaptor
 CYD200-DB9    2,210.00 Kč   RJ11 to DB9 adaptor, connects RJ11 to 9-pin RS-232 serial port
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 Poznámka: Each unit supplied with sensor input connector power cord, double banana plug for heater output and operator’s manual.

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