CYD211, CYD218E, and CYD218S
Cryogenic Digital Thermometers

CYD211, CYD218E, and CYD218S : Cryogenic Digital Thermometers
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36,540.00  Kč *

  Single Input for Silicon Diode or RTD (CYD211)
  Large 5-Digit LED Display
  Retransmission Analog Output 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA
  RS-232C Serial Interface and Alarm Relays
  Eight-Channel Input (CYD218)
  Eight Simultaneous Displays (CYD218)
  Range 1.4 to 800 K (CYD218)
  Serial Interface (CYD218)
  16 High/Lo Alarms (CYD218)
  Datalogging with Memory (CYD218)

The model CYD211 Temperature Monitor provides the accuracy, resolution, and interface features of a benchtop temperature monitor in an easy to use, compact instrument. With appropriate sensors, the CYD211 measures temperature from 1.4 to 800 K and in difficult sensing conditions, including high vacuum and magnetic fields. Standard features on the CYD211 include alarms, relays, user-configurable analog voltage or current output, and a serial interface. The CYD211 is an ideal choice for liquefied gas storage/monitoring, cryopump control, cryo-cooler, and materials science applications, and for applications that require greater accuracy than thermocouples allow.
The CYD218 has all the features of the CTD211 plus 8 inputs for silicon diodes or PT RTD's, 16 Hi/Lo Alarms, latching or non-latching relays, Data Logging with 1500 point memory and printer output.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 CYD211    36,540.00 Kč   Cryogenic Temperature monitor with Single input, 1/8 DIN, Silicon Diode monitor, 110 Vac power
 CYD211-220V    28,350.00 Kč   Single input Cryogenic Monitor, 1/8 DIN, Silicon Diode monitor, 220V Powerd unit
 CYD218E    76,230.00 Kč   8 RTD, 8 CY7, or 4 RTD & 4 CY7 temperature monitor, simultaneous display, RS-232,datalogger, and printer output
 CYD218S    98,130.00 Kč   Same Features as the CYD218E with IEEE-488, relay and analog output
 PT-102    4,890.00 Kč   70 RTD, 14 to 873 K (2 x 20.3 mm long, 250 mg weight)
 PT-103    7,720.00 Kč   RTD, 14 to 873 K (1.8 x 12.1 mm long, 120 mg weight)
 PT-111    7,410.00 Kč   RTD, 14 to 673 K (1.8 x 5 mm long, 52 mg weight)
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 Poznámka: Each CYD211 and CYD218 unit supplied with Sensor Mating Connector, 120 V line cord, operator’s manual, and calibration certificate.
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) CYD211 Single input, 18 DIN, Silicon Diode monitor = 36,540.00 Kč

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