DPF10 Series
Batch Controller

DPF10 Series : Batch Controller
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12,450.00  Kč *

  5 Digit Scaling Factor
  Display Rate, Batch Size and (Batch Total or Grand Total)
  Second B Relay Programmable for Output at Prewarn or Selected Batch/Grand Total
  Pulse Input - 10 kHz Max.
  Security Lockout
  NEMA-4X/IP65 Front Panel
  30 mV Magnetic Pickup Inputs Optional
  RS422/RS232 Serial Communication
  4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Analog Output

The DPF11 miniature batcher is ideal for all batching applications. The display will show Batch Amount, Rate and Batch/Grand Total at the push of a button. The Start and Stop buttons make batching simple.

The DPF11 is a 6-digit totalizer and 4.5 digit ratemeter with two relay outputs. One output is dedicated to the Batch Amount (Preset A), the other can be activated for Prewarn or Batch/Grand Total. The unit can count up to the preset (reset to 0) or down from the preset (set to preset). Start, Stop and Reset functions can be activated from the front panel or remote inputs.

An analog output (assignable for Rate or Batch Amount) is optional for data logging.

Up to 99 units can communicate to a host computer on a single RS232 or RS422 loop.

Accuracy: 0.01% FS (±1 display digit)
Display: 6-digit, 13.97 mm (0.55") high LED (±1 display digit)
Input Power: 110 Vac ±15%, 220 Vac ±15%, 24 Vac ±15%
Current: 250 mA dc max or 6.5 VA AC
Output Power: (AC powered units only) 12 Vdc @ 50 mA, unregulated -10 +50%
    Operating: 0°C to 54°C (32 to 130°F)
    Storage: -40 to 93°C (-40 to 200°F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Memory: EEPROM stores data for 10 years if power is lost
Approvals: CE approved
Pulse Input: Low = 0-1 Vdc, High = 4 to 30 Vdc 10 kΩ impedance,up to 10 kHz; min 0.05 Hz for rate indication
Mag. Input: 30 mV input, (50V max) signals 10 KΩ imp. 5 kHz max
Output Relays: (2) Rated 5 Amps, 120/240 Vac or 28 Vdc (NC relay contacts and NPN transistor output available with solder jumpers)
Panel Cutout: 92 W x 45 H x 108 mm D (3.622 x 1.772 x 4.245")
Shipping Weight: 9 kg (2 lb)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 DPF11    12,450.00 Kč   4/30 V Pulse input (FLSC-AMP-A may be needed)
 DPF11-24VAC    12,450.00 Kč   4/30 V Pulse input (FLSC-AMP-A may be needed) with 24 VAC
 DPF12    14,490.00 Kč   30 mV MAG. input (No FLSC-AMP-A required)
 DPF12-A    18,750.00 Kč   30 mV MAG. input , analog ouput, 0 or 4 to 20 mA porportional to rate/total. (No FLSC-AMP-A required)
 DPP-5    16,860.00 Kč   1/8 DIN panel punch
 FLSC-AMP-A    2,840.00 Kč   Amplifies low-level turbine and paddlewheel sensors
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 * využijte možnost konzultovat ceny pøímo s našimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejní oddìlení, e-mail: viz. kontaktní informace)
 Poznámka: Comes complete with operator's manual, mounting bracket, gasket, and two screws.

For 220 Vac power, add suffix "-220Vac" to model number, no additional cost.

For 24 Vac power add suffix "-24Vac" to model number, no additional charge.

For RS-232 or RS-422 output, add suffix "-RS232" or "-RS422" to model number, add $130 to price.

For field-selectable 4-20 or 0-20 mA output, add suffix "-A" to model number, add $135 to price.


 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) DPF11-RS232 ratemeter/batch controller with RS-232 output = 16,700.00 Kč

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