DPG8000 Series
General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge with Protective Rubber Boot - Discontinued

DPG8000 Series : General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge with Protective Rubber Boot<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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  Enhanced Value Versus Mechanical Gauges
  1/4% Full Scale Terminal Point Accuracy
  4 Digit Display with 1/2" High Digits
  Backlight Feature for Enhanced Visibility
  User Selectable Engineering Units
  Maximum Pressure Indication
  Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

The DPG8000 Series is being superseded with a redesigned model, which has all the features of the DPG8000 plus some additional features. Please see the new model, DPG8001, for complete details, or contact our Pressure department for more information.

The DPG8000 series digital pressure gauges offer 1/4% full scale accuracy in a rugged, easy-to-use unit at prices comparable to mechanical test gauges. All stainless steel wetted parts make it suitable for a wide variety of liquid or gaseous media. This product features user-selectable units of measure allowing one gauge to be used for a variety of pressure scales.

The DPG8000 comes standard with many features that are either not available or offered only as options on many competitors’ digital gauges such as backlight, peak hold and a four-digit display.

Accuracy: 0.25% full scale
Ranges: Vacuum to 9999 psi (690 bar)
Field Calibration: Zero and span

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 DPG8000-VAC   Kontaktujte prodejce  30 In Hg Vac
 DPG8000-30   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-30 psig
 DPG8000-60   Kontaktujte prodejce  0- 60 psig
 DPG8000-100   Kontaktujte prodejce  0 -100 psig
 DPG8000-200   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-200 psig
 DPG8000-300   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-300 psig
 DPG8000-500   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-500 psig
 DPG8000-1K   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-1000 psig
 DPG8000-2K   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-2000 psig
 DPG8000-3K   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-3000 psig
 DPG8000-5K   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-5000 psig
 DPG8000-10K   Kontaktujte prodejce  0-9999 psig
 DPG8000-RB   Kontaktujte prodejce  Replacement Rubber Boot
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 Poznámka: All DPG8000 series gauges come with protective rubber boot, batteries, and complete operator’s manual.

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