DR231 and DR241 Series
Input Hybrid Recorders, 10, 20, or 30 Input, T/C, RTD, Voltage Inputs - Discontinued

DR231 and DR241 Series : Input Hybrid Recorders, 10, 20, or 30 Input, T/C, RTD, Voltage Inputs<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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226,960.00  Kč *

  High-Speed Scanning and Recording on 250 mm (10") Chart
  Ten-Color Recording
  Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage Inputs
  Optional Floppy Drive for Data Storage
  Easy-to-Carry, Lightweight Design
  Benchtop in DR231
  Panel Mount in DR241

The DR231 and DR241 series has been discontinued. Please see the RD5100 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering department.

The OMEGA® DR231 and DR241 portable hybrid recorders offer high-speed scanning of up to 30 channels in 2 seconds. They have a wide variety of recording functions including analog trend in ten colors on an effective recording width of 250 mm. Digital measured values, various messages, zone recording, and partially compressed and expanded recording are recorded to support clear interpretation of data. The recorders incorporate a large 3-line vacuum fluorescent display which can be used as a process monitor, enabling you to readily view data or check alarm status, even from a remote location. The units are also interactively configured using the easily read display.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 DR231-00-1    226,960.00 Kč   10-Channel hybrid recorder, benchtop
 DR231-12-3    256,570.00 Kč   30 Channel hybrid recorder, benchtop with floppy drive.
 DR231-00-2-A4   Kontaktujte prodejce  2O Channel hybrid recorder, panel mount, with 10 alarm relays.
 DR231-12-1   Kontaktujte prodejce  10-Channel hybrid recorder, benchtop with floppy drive
 RD4030-ZFP-1    680.00 Kč   Z-fold chart paper, 30 m
 RD4030-RC    1,090.00 Kč   10 color print ribbon
 DR130-C2    26,310.00 Kč   RS232 MODULE FOR DR130 RECORDR (Fiel d Installable)
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 * využijte možnost konzultovat ceny pøímo s našimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejní oddìlení, e-mail: viz. kontaktní informace)
 Poznámka: Recorder comes complete with print ribbon, one package of chart paper and operator’s manual.

(1) (2) (3) (4)
Popis voleb
(1) Hybrid Recorders
  Vyberte DR231- pro Benchtop hybrid recorder, DR241- pro Panel mount hybrid recorder
(2) Floppy Drive Option
  Vyberte 00 pro With out floppy drive, 12 pro With floppy drive
(3) Number of Channels
  Vyberte -1 pro 10-channel, -2 pro 20-channel, -3 pro 30-channel
(4) Options
  Vyberte prázdné pole pro No Option, -A4 pro 10 Alarm Relays, -M1 pro Math Function, -C1 pro GPIB Communications, -C2 pro RS232 Communications, -R1 pro Remote Control, -CE pro CE Approval, -A4-CE pro 10 Alarm Relays with CE Approval, -C2-CE pro RS232 Communications wth CE Approval
 Poznámka: ne všechny kombinace jsou správné, ovìøte si správnost èísla modelu.

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