Ultrasonic Flowmeters - Discontinued

FD-7000 : Ultrasonic Flowmeters<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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  Non-Invasive Design, Easy to Install, No System Downtime
  Powered by Rechargeable Internal Battery or AC Line Power
  Operates with most Liquids, Emulsions and Slurries
  Digital Flowrate Indicator Plus Eight- Digit Totalizer
  4-20 mA Output Standard
  Easy-to-Use Data Entry Keypad
  NEMA-4X ABS Waterproof Enclosure
  NIST Standard

The FD-7000 Series has been discontinued. Please see the FDH-1 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering Department.

Up to now, doppler ultrasonic flowmeters have required significant quantities of suspended particles or gas bubbles to reflect sound signals. Now, with the model FD-7000 ultrasonic flowmeter, this is no longer required. When the FD-7000 is used to measure the flow of liquids containing suspended solids or bubbles, the transducers are mounted on a straight run of pipe in the same manner as other ultrasonic meters. In applications where insufficient "reflectors" exist (a condition indicated by a low reading on the FD-7000°s flow analyzer bar graph), the transducers are relocated to a point in the piping where non-symmetrical hydraulic turbulence will be present.ideally just downstream of a 90° elbow. The FD-7000's unique digital filtering system and signal recognition circuitry transforms the reflections from this non-symmetrical, and not necessarily linear, turbulence into a useable and linear data format.

A backlit, 2 line by 20 character, alphanumeric LCD offers simultaneous flowrate and totalizer displays. The FD-7000 is designed for ease of use in the field. Only a few simple keypad entries are required to configure the flowmeter for any given pipe and flow conditions.

The encapsulated, submersible design of the transducer sensor head allows it to be easily mounted to the pipe surface with the coupling compound and elastic bands that are supplied with the unit. A 6 m (20') retractable cable for connection to the transmitter/indicator unit is supplied as as integral part of the sensor. The FD-7000 sensor is utilized on pipes that range in internal diameter from 25 mm to 1.5 m (1 to 60").

Flowrates can be measured in smaller pipes from 6 to 25 mm (¼ to 1") in diameter with use of the small pipe sensor, model FD-7000-S1.

System Accuracy:
±2% of FS
Velocity Range: 0.15 to 6.2 MPS (0.5 to 20 FPS)
Measuring Units: FPS, GPM, MGD
Linearity: ±0.2% FS
Repeatability: 0.4% of FS
Flow Rate Display: 6-digit LCD
Totalizer Display: 6-digit LCD (resettable)
Outputs: 4 to 20 mA into 600Ω max., isolated
Power Requirements: 115 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA max. (standard); 230 Vac 50/60 Hz (optional). Internal gel cell battery provides 8 hrs. of continuous operation
Liquid Requirements: Full-pipe, low-viscosity (water-like) liquid
Transmitter/Indicator Operating Temperature: -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F)
Sensor Operating Temperature: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F)
Dimensions: 432 L x 279 W x 203 mm H (17 x 11 x 8")
Weight: 10 kg (22 lb)
Enclosure: NEMA-4X (IP65)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 FD-7000-STD    39,220.00 Kč   Replacement Sensor for FD-7000 25 mm to 1.5m (1" to 60") pipes
 FD-7000-S1    51,030.00 Kč   Sensors for 6 to 25mm (1/4 " to 1") pipe
 FD-7000-HT    71,350.00 Kč   High temperature sensor for 25 mm to 15 m (1" to 60") pipe, 204°C (400°F)
 FD-7000-BATT   Kontaktujte prodejce  Replacement Gel Cell Battery
 FD-7000-CHARGER    2,080.00 Kč   Replacement charging cord (USA)
 FD-7000-CHARGER-G   Kontaktujte prodejce  Replacement charging cord (Germany)
 FD-7000-CHARGER-UK   Kontaktujte prodejce  Replacement charging cord (UK)
 FD-7000-EXT    12,010.00 Kč   Two conductors, 20 AWG, unshielded extension cable, 6 m (20')
 FD-GREASE    520.00 Kč   Replacement acoustic couplant for sensor mounting, max temperature 65°C (150°F), 6 g (.2 oz) pillow pack
 FDT-GREASE    1,520.00 Kč   Acoustic couplant for sensor mounting, max temperature 65°C (150°F), 150 g (5.3 oz) tube
 FDT-HT-GREASE    3,720.00 Kč   Acoustic couplant for sensor mounting, max temperature 200°C (392°F) 56.7 g (2 oz) tube
 FDT-NS-GREASE    1,520.00 Kč   Non-silicone acoustic couplant for sensor mounting, 79 g (2.8 oz) tube
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 Poznámka: Unit comes complete with 2 transducers, 6 g (0.2 oz) pillow pack acoustic couplant, power cord, NIST certificate, gel cell battery, and operators manual.

For 230 Vac add suffix "-230" to model number, no additional cost.

Note: This product is not for ultra clean liquids such as DI water applications

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