FVL-1600 a FMA-1600 sÚrie
HmotnostnÝ a objemovÚ pr¨tokomýry

FVL-1600 a FMA-1600 sÚrie : HmotnostnÝ a objemovÚ pr¨tokomýry
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38,280.00  Kč *

  Ranges of 0-0.5 SCCM Up to 0-1500 SLPM
  <10ms Response TimeŚField Adjustable
  20+ Gas Calibrations with Every Unit: Air, Ar, CH4, CO, CO2, Ethane, H2, He, N2, N2O, Neon, O2, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, Ethylene and more
  Pressure, Temperature, and Volumetic and Mass Flow Simultaneously Displayed
  No warm-up time required
  NIST 5 Point Certificate Included
  No Straight Runs of Pipe Required
  Analog and RS232 communications included
  100:1 turndown ratio

The FMA-1600A Series mass and volumetric flowmeters use the principle of differential pressure within a laminar flow field to deterime the mass flow rate. A laminar flow element (LFD) insdie the meter forces the gas into laminar (streamlined) flow. Inside this region, the Poiseuille equation dictates that the volumetric flow rate be linearly related to the pressure drop along a fixed distance of the LFE. This, along with the viscosity of the gas, is used to accurately determine the volumetri flow rate. Separate absolute temperature and pressure sensors are incorporated and correct the volumetric flow rate to a set of standard conditions. This standardized flow rate is commonly called the mass flow rate and is reported in units such as standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) or standard liters per minute (SLM).
Standard units include a 0 to 5 V output (4 to 20 mA optional) and RS232 communications. The gas select feature can be adjusted from the front of the keypad or via RS232 communications. Volumetric flow, mass flow, or absolute pressure, and teperature can be viewed or recorded through the RS232 connection. It s also possible to multi-drop up to 26 units on the same serial connection to a distance of 125'. These flowmeters are also available in a portable version for use in the field.

Accuracy: ▒(0.8% of rdg + 0.2% FS)
Repeatability: ▒0.2%
Turndown Ratio: 100:1
Response Time: 10 ms typical default response time for 63.2% of a step change. A variable register allows response time to be field adjustable to a certain extent via RS232 communications. The primary trade-off for response time is signal noise
Output: 0 to 5 Vdc standard
Operating Temperature: -10 to 50░C (14 to 122░F)
Zero Shift: 0.02% FS/░C/atm
Span Shift: 0.02% FS/░C/atm
Humidity Range: 0 to 100% non-condensing
Pressure (Max):
   FMA-1600A Series: 145 psig
   FVL-1600A Series: 10 psig
Measurable Flow Rate: 125% FS
Supply Voltage: 7 to 30 Vdc (15 to 30 Vdc for 4 to 20 mA output)
Supply Current: 35 mA typical current draw; 100 mA available supply recommended
Cable Connection: 8-pin mini DIN
Wetted Parts: 302 and 303 SS, FKM, silicone RTV, nylon 616, aluminum

Standard Pressure Drops (venting to atmosphere):
Max Flow Rate 0.5 to 50 SCCM 0.1 to 10 SLM 20 SLM 50 SLM 100 SLM 250 SLM 500 SLM 1000 SLM 1500 SLM
PSID 1 1 1 2 2.5 4.0 5.5 6.0 9.0

V tabulce pro objednßnÝ jsou jen nýkterÚ modely, pro pr¨tokomýr vyhovujÝcÝ vaÜim po×adavk¨m kontaktujte prodejnÝ oddýlenÝ.

 ╚Ýslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 FMA-1601A    61,430.00 Kč   1/8 NPT 0.5 SCCM hmotnostnÝ pr¨tokomýr
 FMA-1614A    53,870.00 Kč   1/8 NPT 2 SCCM hmotnostnÝ pr¨tokomýr
 FMA-1603A    40,950.00 Kč   1/8 NPT 10 SCCM hmotnostnÝ pr¨tokomýr
 FMA-1617A    38,280.00 Kč   1/8 NPT 100 SCCM hmotnostnÝ pr¨tokomýr
 FVL-1601A   Kontaktujte prodejce  1/8 NPT 0.5 SCCM objemovř pr¨tokomýr
 FVL-1615A   Kontaktujte prodejce  1/8 NPT 5 SCCM objemovř pr¨tokomýr
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 * vyu×ijte mo×nost konzultovat ceny p°Ýmo s naÜimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejnÝ oddýlenÝ, e-mail: viz. kontaktnÝ informace)
 Poznßmka: Mo×no dodat s NIST certifikßtem. SouÜßstÝ dodßvky je originßlnÝ manußl.

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