FPM-5800 -SCALED-(**)
Economical Sensor-powered Flow Indicators - Discontinued

FPM-5800 -SCALED-(**) : Economical Sensor-powered Flow Indicators<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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  Sensor Powered
  Economical Flow Monitoring
  Front Panel Calibration
Shatter-Resistant Acrylic Front Panel

The FPM-5800-SCALED model has been discontinued. Please see the DPU91_FLOW series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

Combining the FPM-5800 self-powered flowmeter with an FP-5300 or FP-5100 flow sensor and a matching sensor-installation fitting produces an affordable, completely self-contained flow monitoring system. The unit requires no external power or battery, so the user can mount it virtually anywhere. System hookup is simple, requiring only 3 flow-sensor wires connected to the terminal strip. Easy-to-install reversible dials give the scale of flow units appropriate for the user’s installation.

Compatible Sensors: FP-5300 and FP-5100 Series flow sensors
Minimum Full Scale Range: 7 fps
Accuracy: ±2% FS
Repeatability: ±1% FS
Operating Temperature: -10 to 65°C (14 to 149°F)
    Type: Taut-band suspension meter movement, 250° deflection; not suitable for prolonged exposure to vibration
    Dials: Reversible dial kit included (0 to 2, 0 to 4, 0 to 6, 0 to 8, 0 to 10, 0 to 100)
Electrical Power: None required
Dimensions: 97 L x 97 W x 76 mm D (3.8 x 3.8 x 3.0")

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 Poznámka: * (XX)-insert flowrate range in gpm.

In order to properly scale the FPM-5800 it is essential that the fitting and sensor part numbers be provided.

For ordering through the web site, add the FPM-5800-SCALED-(XX) to your shopping cart. During the check out process you will be prompted for Special Instructions. Enter the desired flow rate, flow sensor part number, and fitting part number as Special Instructions or call our Flow Engineering if you have any questions.

Comes complete with operator's manual.

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