FPUD400 Series
Medium Viscosity Drum Pumps

FPUD400 Series : Medium Viscosity Drum Pumps
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23,160.00  Kč *

  Pump Tube and Motor Supplied Separately for Maximum Flexibility
  CPVC, 316 SS or Sanitary Polished 316 SS Pump Tubes
  TEFC or Air Driven Motors
  For Fluids up to 2000 cps Viscosity and 1.8 Specific Gravity

OMEGA® FPUD400 Series drum pumps can empty a wide variety of containers in various applications. The pump tube and motor are supplied separately in modular construction for maximum flexibility.

Available motor types are 110 or 220 Vac powered, continuous duty, totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors; and air driven motors.

All Vac powered units include 12-ft, three-wire cord, built-in ON/OFF switch; and circuit breaker with manual reset. The FPUD411 includes a wall plug.

The FPUD431 air motor has a 1/4" female NPT fitting for hooking up to a customer-supplied air hose, and includes a flow-regulating valve and muffler. An optional air lubricator/filter assembly is also available when your air source is not filtered and lubricated.

When pumping flammable or combustible materials, or in explosive environments, use an air motor with a stainless steel tube and the FPUD34-SK static protection kit to avoid sparks produced by static electricity discharge.


The FPUD4-SNT40 sanitary pump tube features a polished 316SS tube and shaft, a graphite-filled PTFE seal, and pure PTFE internals. It has an ACME sanitary nut connection so the tube can be easily be removed for cleaning.

FPUD4 series pump tubes are rated up to 150°F (SS and sanitary tubes), or 180°F (CPVC tubes), 2,000 cps viscosity (2000 cps air motor; 400 cps electric motor) and 1.8 specific gravity. All tube assemblies have graphite-PTFE seals with PTFE internals, and feature 1" I.D. hose connection on the outlet.

Pump Motor
Model No. HP RPM Power Phase Hz Type Wt. kg (lb)
FPUD4111/43,450115 Vac150/60TEFC8.1 (18)
FPUD4211/43,450220 Vac150/60TEFC/IP548.1 (18)
FPUD4311/26,000Air 80 psi @ 25 cfmn/an/aAir1.8 (4)

Pump Tube
Model No. Max
m (ft)
kg (lb)
CPVC with Inconel shaft
FPUD4-C2717321 5/8"0.7 (2.25)2.7 (6)
FPUD4-C4017321 5/8"1.0 (3.33)3.15 (7)
FPUD4-C4817321 5/8"1.2 (4.0)3.6 (8)
316SS With 316SS Shaft
FPUD4-S2717321 1/2"0.7 (2.25)3.6 (8)
FPUD4-S4017321 1/2"1.0 (3.33)4.1 (9)
FPUD4-S4817321 1/2"1.2 (4.0)5.0 (11)
Sanitary Polished 316SS
FPUD4-SNT4017321 1/2"0.9 (3.0)5.9 (13)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 FPUD411    29,930.00 Kč   motor assemblies for pump
 FPUD421    33,390.00 Kč   *motor assemblies for pump
 FPUD431    13,080.00 Kč   *motor assemblies for pump
 FPUD345-FL    8,350.00 Kč   Filter-lubricator assembly for FPUD431
 FPUD34-SK    16,700.00 Kč   Anti-static kit for FPUD431
 FPUD4-C27    26,780.00 Kč   CPVC sealed pump
 FPUD4-C40    28,510.00 Kč   CPVC sealed pump
 FPUD4-C48    31,660.00 Kč   CPVC sealed pump
 FPUD4-S27    23,160.00 Kč   stainless steel sealed pump
 FPUD4-S40    24,100.00 Kč   stainless steel sealed pump
 FPUD4-S48    27,250.00 Kč   stainless steel sealed pump
 FPUD4-SNT40    50,250.00 Kč   sanitary stainless steel mixer
 FPUD4-SDA-P    3,470.00 Kč   2" IPS polypro drum adaptor for FPUD4-S Series
 FPUD4-SDA-S    8,980.00 Kč   2" IPS 316 stainless steel drum adaptor
 FPUD4-SDA-GS    2,270.00 Kč   2" IPS galvanized steel drum adaptor for FPUD4-S Series
 FPUD4-CDA-C    3,470.00 Kč   2" IPS polypro drum adaptor for FPUD4-C Series
 FPUD4-PS    2,810.00 Kč   PVC/Polypro inlet strainer for CPVC tube
 FPUD4-SS    3,880.00 Kč   316SS inlet strainer for SS tubes
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with operator's manual.

AC pump motors include integral power cords.

Power cords with 115VAC models include grounded wall plug.

 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) FPUD34-SK anti-static kit, (1) FPUD4-S40 316SS pump tube, (1) FPUD431 air motor = 53,880.00 Kč

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