Pump/Tank Metering Systems

FPUTS1500 : Pump/Tank Metering Systems
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19,220.00  Kč *

  Single Intake and Discharge Check Valve Pump Design
  Quick Adjusting Feed Mechanism
  125 PSI Maximum Pressure Rating
  Polyethylene Tank with UV Inhibitor
  Tank-Flooded Liquid End
  7-, 15-, or 30-Gal Tank Sizes
  100% Duty Cycle

The FPUTS1500 Series is a practical, efficient, self-contained metering system comprising a heavy-duty tank and metering injector pump. The sturdy polyethylene tank is extra thick for durability and is available in 7-, 15- or 30-gallon capacities. The tank is rectangular in shape for convenient storage and features a multi-position opening that lets the operator open, close, or vent the lid.

The system includes the FPUDT1500 metering injector pump. Features include a heavy duty cartridge valve pumphead of injection-molded polypropylene outfitted with PVDF fittings, ceramic ball checks, FKM O-ring seals, and Hastelloy C valve springs; a durable PTFE/EPDM diaphragm; attractive weather-resistant black Valox housing; ball bearing gear motor; and flow indicator.

The FPUTS1500 system can also be ordered with a built-in electronic percentage timer for even more precise feed control. This option lets the operator adjust the feed with just the timer, or adjust both the stroke of the diaphragm and the timer.

Tank ModelFTNK-7FTNK-15FTNK-30
Weight, kg (lb)8.6 (19)12.2 (27)15.9 (35)
Capacity, gal71530
Height (A), mm (in)445 (17.5)559 (22)689 (27)
Width (B), mm (in)305 (12)394 (15.5)508 (20)
Depth (C), mm (in)406 (16)495 (19.5)610 (24)

7-Gal. Capacity
Model No.
15-Gal. Capacity
Model No.
30-Gal. Capacity
Model No.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 FPUTS1501    19,220.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 3.4 GPD
 FPUTS1503    18,750.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 8.3 GPD
 FPUTS1505    18,750.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 26.6 GPD
 FPUTS1507    18,750.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 16.3 GPD
 FPUTS1507-D    20,640.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 16.3 GPD, with timer
 FPUTS1509    18,750.00 Kč   7-Gal. capacity, 68.4 GPD
 FPUTS1501-15    22,840.00 Kč   15-Gal. capacity, 3.4 GPD
 FPUTS1503-15    22,530.00 Kč   15-Gal. capacity, 8.3 GPD
 FPUTS1505-15    22,530.00 Kč   15-Gal. capacity, 26.6 GPD
 FPUTS1507-15    22,530.00 Kč   15-Gal. capacity, 16.3 GPD
 FPUTS1509-15    22,530.00 Kč   15-Gal. capacity, 68.4 GPD
 FPUTS1501-30    26,460.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 3.4 GPD
 FPUTS1503-30    25,990.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 8.3 GPD
 FPUTS1505-30    25,990.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 26.6 GPD
 FPUTS1507-30    25,990.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 16.3 GPD
 FPUTS1507-30-D    27,720.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 16.3 GPD, with timer
 FPUTS1509-30    25,990.00 Kč   30-Gal. capacity, 68.4 GPD
 FTNK-7    6,620.00 Kč   7 gallons
 FTNK-15    8,350.00 Kč   15 gallons
 FTNK-30    10,710.00 Kč   30 gallons
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with FPUDT1500 115 V/60 Hz pump and operator’s manual.

FPUDT1500 series pumps come with 115/V60 Hz pump, 3/8" OD PVC suction tube foot valve and strainer, suction tube weight, suction tubing, discharge tubing, injection fitting with internal backflow check valve, and mounting hardware.

For units with stroke and time interval adjustment, add suffix "-D" to model number, add $49 to price, (Not available on FPUTS1501 pumps)


 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) FPUTS1501 7-gallon system = 19,220.00 Kč

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