Volume Indicating Thermo-Anemometer Kit

HHF91 : Volume Indicating Thermo-Anemometer Kit
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8,190.00  Kč *

  Very Economical
  Displays CFM, Velocity, and Temperature
  Averaging of Up to 8 Velocity Readings
  Min/Max Display
  Switchable Between FPM/mps and °C/°F

OMEGA’s HHF91 digital anemometer is a versatile instrument for measuring air velocity, calculated air volume flow, and air temperature. Special features include the ability to switch between FPM/°F and m/sec-°C and an AUTO-OFF function that engages after 20 minutes (the AUTO-OFF function can be bypassed for continuous operation). The HHF91 can indicate average, minimum and maximum readings, and includes a hold button to freeze the display. It can also be reprogrammed with the keypad to read in either FPM/mps and °C/°F.

The kit is supplied with one handheld readout with attached velocity probe (3 foot cable), one 9 V battery, and one carrying case.

Air Velocity Range: 125 to 4,900 fpm (0.7 to 25.00 mps)
Resolution: 1 fpm or 0.01 mps
Calculated Air Flow Volume: 0.0 to 9999 CFM or CMS
Display: 4 full digits, 32 x 41 mm (1¼ x 158")
RS232 Output: 2400 or 1200 baud
   Velocity: 2% of full scale from 200 to 4500 fpm
   Temperature: ±1°F or 0.6°C
Temperature Range: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F), 0.1°C or °F resolution
Power Supply: 9V battery, included (100 hour life, typical)
Battery Check: Automatic low battery display
Dimensions: 181 x 70 x 35 mm (718 x 2¾ x 138") (handheld); 73 mm (278") diameter fan
Weight: ¼ kg (3 lb)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 HHF91    8,190.00 Kč   Anemometer kit
 HHF91-R    1,520.00 Kč   Replacement probe for HHF91
 HHF91-SW    3,220.00 Kč   Software and cable for HHF91
 MN1604    100.00 Kč   Replacement 9 V battery
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 Poznámka: The HHF91 anemometer kit, comes complete with handheld readout with attached velocity probe, 9 V battery, carrying case and operator's manual.

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