HHT30 Series
Digital Stroboscope

HHT30 Series : Digital Stroboscope
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  NIST Calibration Certificate Included
  Internal Rechargeable Batteries or AC Powered Models
  Unique Electronic Switching Provides Continuous Cool Operation
  Tachometer Mode
  Internal Phase Shift
  Easy-to-Read Backlit Digital Display
  Latching Trigger and 1 /4 -20 UNC Tripod Mount Allows Hands-Free Operation
  TTL Compatible Input/Output Jacks
  Splashproof Protective Cover Available for Battery Models
  6 User Programmable Memory Locations

The new HHT30 digital stroboscope employs exclusive microprocessor technology to provide reliable and accurate speed measurements and stop motion diagnostic inspection. The unit includes a rotary encoder to enable quick and precise frequency setting from 30 to 14,000 flashes per minute. The crystal controlled circuitry eliminates drift and provides accurate readings to 0.1 RPM. “Divide by 2” and “Multiply by 2” buttons allow a quick check of actual RPM. “Phase +” and “Phase -” buttons allow internal phase delays to be added or subtracted to keep the reference viewing target in eyesight of user. An “adder mode” enables visual inspection for misalignment or bent odd-numbered fan blades, propellers, etc. The “Tach” mode permits the unit to be used with external sensors to measure up to 200,000 RPM directly without flashing the Strobe. Up to 6 user preset memory values can be recalled for quick routine checking of equipment, and the unit recalls the last value measured.

A “% Charge” battery indicator shows remaining charge status. A low battery cut out (microprocessor controlled charging circuit) provides long battery life. Electronic switching circuitry provides continuous operation and bright light output.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 HHT31R-KIT    20,160.00 Kč   HHT31 with rugged case and spare lamp
 HHT32R    17,960.00 Kč   Stroboscope with internal battery, 115 Vac, 3 hr recharger
 HHT31R-230    17,640.00 Kč   Stroboscope, 230 Vac powered
 HHT20-ROS    4,890.00 Kč   Remote sensor for tachometer mode
 HHT32-SPC    810.00 Kč   Splashproof protective cover for HHT32 models only
 HHT32-LAMP    1,610.00 Kč   Spare Lamp
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 Poznámka: All units come complete with operator’s manual and NIST certificate. HHT32 also includes rechargeable battery and ac charger. “-KIT” models also include rugged carrying case and spare lamp.
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) HHT32-KIT stroboscope with rechargeable battery, 115 Vac fast charger, rugged case, and spare lamp, HHT32-SPC splashproof cover = 21,270.00 Kč

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