LMF Series
Benchtop Muffle Furnace with a 550 Cubic Inch Chamber

LMF Series : Benchtop Muffle Furnace with a 550 Cubic Inch Chamber
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  550 Cubic Inch Muffle Chamber U1100°C (2012°F) Max. Operating Temperature
  Automatic and Programmable Models
  Modern Fiber/Firebrick Muffle Design
  120 or 240 Volt

LMF series benchtop muffle furnaces feature a 550 cubic inch chamber with fiber insulation and firebrick heating plates. The furnace cabinet is constructed of 16-gage steel with a baked epoxy finish. A top exhaust port allows gases to be vented, or it can be plugged during operation to seal the opening. Two temperature controller models are available: automatic and multi-stage programmable. LMF series furnaces are ideal for heat treating applications, material research and sample ashing determinations in the geological, metalurgical, and wastewater treatment industries. These furnaces are also used in chemistry, physics, and engineering laboratories.

Model LMF-A550 has an analog pyrometer which displays temperature, scaled in 50° increments. Temperature is adjusted via a large control dial, scaled in 100° increments. The controller repeatability is excellent.

Model LMF-3550 has a 3-stage programmable temperature controller which stores up to 10 programs in memory. Any two programs can be linked to create a single six-stage program. One program is dedicated to a single set point that holds the setpoint indefinitely. The delay cycle allows the furnace to be set to its heating cycle at a specific time on a future date. The PID controller allows heat increase or decrease rates to be programmed into the cycle.

Cabinet Dimensions: 41 H x 40 W x 39 cm D (16.0 x 15.7 x 15.3")
Cabinet construction: 16-gage steel with baked epoxy finish
Chamber Size: 9.13 L (550 in3)
Chamber Dimensions: 18 H x 23 W x 23 cm D (7 x 9 x 9")
Electrical requirements: 15 A @ 120V, 50/60 Hz; 7.5 A @ 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1800 W
Watts to Maintain 1000°c: 1025 W
Operating temp range:
    LMF-a550: 200 to 1100°C (392 to 2012°F)
    LMF-3550: 50 to 1100°C (122 to 2012°F)
Air circulation: Top exhaust port
Muffle: Fiber insulation with firebrick heating plates

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 LMF-A550/120V    57,810.00 Kč   120 Volt analog control muffle furnace
 LMF-A550/240V    58,590.00 Kč   240 Volt analog control muffle furnace
 LMF-3550/120V    86,160.00 Kč   120 Volt automatic control muffle furnace
 LMF-3550/240V    86,160.00 Kč   240 Volt automatic control muffle furnace
 LMF-HP    5,960.00 Kč   Heating Plate (1 plate)
 LMF-TRAY    2,370.00 Kč   Ceramic Floor Tray
 LMF-TC    1,490.00 Kč   Replacement thermocouple, type K, 14 AWG, Sheath 4" long, Wire 48" long
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 Poznámka: Includes ceramic floor tray, power cord and complete operator’s manual.
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) LMF-3550/120V 120 Volt automatic control muffle furnace = 86,160.00 Kč

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