LV800 Series
RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors

LV800 Series : RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors
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12,760.00  Kč *

  Superior 0.5 pF Sensitivity Ensures Reliability
  Build-Up Immunity Helps Eliminate False Signals
  High Intensity LED Indicating Light (Ordinary Location Integral Sensors Only)
  Simple 2-Step Manual Calibration

LV800 Series RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective point level monitoring with reliability you can count on. Omega provides you with the most affordable solution for your application. Omega’s RF switch probes are designed to provide a high level of sensitivity, stability and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as liquid and slurry applications.
Principal of Operation
A radio frequency is applied to the probe and is continually analyzed to determine the influence caused by the surrounding environment. As material contacts the probe, the radio frequency shifts indicating an increase in capacitance (C). The active probe of the unit and the vessel’s wall make up the two plates (A=area) of a capacitor which are separated by a fixed distance (d). The probe’s insulator and surrounding air provide the dielectric material (with dielectric constant “K”). As the air (K=1.0) is displaced with any other material (K > 1.0), the capacitance effect (C) is enhanced, thereby changing the application’s impedance. This influence is measured within the circuitry and compared to a reference established by the sensitivity setting. The setting determines how much influence must be present before the output changes. The driven shield section of the probe enables the circuitry to ignore product build-up on the probe that would otherwise cause false sensing. The driven shield is activated with the same radio frequency potential as the sensing probe. Since current can not flow between identical potentials, the driven shield blocks current flow from the active probe to the vessel wall through the material build-up, thereby eliminating the sensing of the material build-up.
LV800 Series capacitance point level sensors are versatile devices providing high and low level readings in bins, silos, tanks, hoppers, and other vessels. LV800 Series superior sensitivity range allows users to properly adjust units to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Whether your application is for a powder, liquid, granular solid, or viscous material, the LV800 Series product line offers the right solution.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 LV801    12,760.00 Kč   16" PPS 115 Vac 11/4 NPT AL
 LV802    12,760.00 Kč   9" PPS 115 Vac 11/4 NPT AL
 LV803    12,760.00 Kč   16" PPS 230 Vac 11/4 NPT AL
 LV804    12,760.00 Kč   16" Food Grade Nylon 115 Vac 11/4 NPT AL
 LV805    14,810.00 Kč   16" PPS 115 Vac 11/4" & 3/4 NPT SS
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 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) LV801 PPS probe 115 Vac 11/4" NPT AL connection = 12,760.00 Kč

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