LVM50 and LVM140 Series
Combination Level-Temperature Sensors, Normally Closed

LVM50 and LVM140 Series : Combination Level-Temperature Sensors, Normally Closed
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  Compact Design
  Low Cost
  User Selectable Normally Open or Closed

OMEGA offers many of its liquid level switch products with temperature sensing capabilities. The incorporation of thermocouples or RTD’s can offer the user the ability to determine level and temperature in the vessel and save the cost of having dual mounting considerations. Linked with OMEGA’s cable assemblies and CNI Series Controllers, combination sensors can provide a readout of the environmental conditions, as well as the capability to turn associated equipment on and off.

The LVM-50 Series is a 316SS vertical float switch.

The LVM-140 Series is a miniature polypropylene vertical float switch. Each model has a J thermocouple or K thermocouple or thin-filmed 100 ohm. 3-wire RTD offered for temperature measurement.

Electrical Lead Wires:
22 AWG PTFE 0.6 m (24") Long
Thermocouple or 100. RTD Wires:
0.6 m (24") Long
Mounting Thread:
LVM-50: 1/4" NPT
LVM-140: 1/8" NPT

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 LVM-50J    2,460.00 Kč   J Thermocouple, Normally Closed Switch
 LVM-50J-NO    2,460.00 Kč   J Thermocouple, Normally Open Switch
 LVM-50R    4,070.00 Kč   100 OHM Thin Film RTD, Normally Closed Switch
 LVM-50J-SPDT    3,190.00 Kč   J Thermocouple with SPDT Switch
 LVM-50K-SPDT    3,090.00 Kč   K Thermocouple with SPDT Switch
 LVM-140K    3,190.00 Kč   K Thermocouple, Normally Closed Switch
 CNi833    9,140.00 Kč   Temperature controller with alarms
 EXFF-J-20-TWSH-50    1,960.00 Kč   15.2 m (50') 20 AWG extension grade J twisted and shielded thermocouple wire
 EXFF-K-20-TWSH-50    2,570.00 Kč   15.2 m (50') 20 AWG FEP extension grade K twisted shielded thermocouple wire
 SMPW-J-M    70.00 Kč   Miniature male thermocouple connector
 SMPW-K-M    70.00 Kč   Miniature male K thermocouple connector
 SMPW-U-M    70.00 Kč   Miniature male RTD connector
 70A-1    810.00 Kč   Continuous tone alarm
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

For normally open valves, add suffix "-NO" to model number, no additional charge.

Order male and female connector separately to create pairs.

 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) LVM-50J 316SS switch with J Thermocouple = 2,460.00 Kč

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