Non-Intrusive RF Capacitance Sensors

LVP-51 : Non-Intrusive RF Capacitance Sensors
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  Detects Liquid Through Plastic or Fiberglass Tank Walls Up to 1" Thickness
  1 AMP SPST Relay Output Standard
  Sensor Conveniently Slides In and Out of Mounting Bracket In PE or PP
  Ideal For Many Ultrapure and Sanitary Applications
  Easy Two Step Calibration
  Selectable Normally Open or Normally Closed

OMEGA ® non-intrusive RF capacitance sensors deliver accurate and reliable liquid level detection with an SPST mechanical relay output. A versatile weld-on fitting enables the sensor to be mounted directly to the wall of any standard polyethylene, fiberglass or polypropylene tank. Simply align the fitting with the tank and press it into place. An engineered adhesive holds the fitting during welding and provides a seal between the sensor and the tank wall. OMEGA’s two-step calibration feature ensures the highest level of dielectric sensitivity.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 LVP-51-R    7,410.00 Kč   Non-intrusive capacitance sensor with SPST 1 Amp Relay
 LVP-91    840.00 Kč   PE sensor fitting
 LVP-92    840.00 Kč   PP sensor fitting
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 Poznámka: LVP-51-R has an SPST mechanical relay output standard.

Comes complete with operator's manual.

Two extended cable lengths available:

For for 7.62 m (25') add "-25" to model number, add $20 to price.

For 15.24 m (50') add "-50" to model number, add 40 to price.

Comes with complete operator’s manual.


 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) LVP-51-R Sensor with 1 AMP Relay, (1) LVP-92 PP sensor fitting = 8,250.00 Kč

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