Two Wire Liquid Level Float Transmitter - Discontinued

LVR51 : Two Wire Liquid Level Float Transmitter<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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  Stainless Steel Construction for a Full Range of Chemically Compatible Liquids
  Ideal for Use in Chemicals with a Specific Gravity of 0.75 or Greater
  Rugged Enclosure Rated NEMA-4X for General Purpose or NEMA-7 for Hazardous Areas
  Continuously Monitor Liquid Levels with Proportional 4-20 mA Output

The LVR50 Series has been discontinued. Please see the LVR500 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

A single float is attached to a stainless steel rod, which is installed through the top of the tank. Internal to the rod is a series of reed switches designed to open and close as the float changes with the liquid level. The internal magnets within the float will open or close the reed switches in a “2-3-2 at-a-time” sequence, which enables the transmitter to provide accurate level indication. With every movement of the float, either one additional switch closes or opens.

Range: 12.7 cm to 1.8 m (5" to 72")
Accuracy: 6.35 mm (0.25") over span in water
Specific Gravity: 0.75 minimum
Orientation: ±30° from vertical
Supply Voltage:
    LVR50-PP Series: 10 to 30 Vdc
    LVR50 Series: 10 to 40 Vdc
Loop Resist.: 600Ω @ 24 Vdc
Signal Output: 4 to 20 mA, two-wire
Signal Invert: 4 to 20 or 20-4 mA
Process Temp.: -40 to 149°C (-40 to 300°F)
Electronic Temp.: -40 to 71°C (-40 to 160°F)
Pressure: 300 psi maximum; -15 psig minimum
Enclosure Rating:
    LVR50-PP Series: NEMA 4X (IP65)
    LVR50 Series: NEMA 7 (IP65)
Installed Height:
    LVR50-PP Series: 13.2 cm (5.2")
    LVR50: 15.7 cm (6.2")
Encl. Material:
    LVR50-PP Series: PP, UL94VO
    LVR50 Series: Aluminum
Guide/Float Mat.: 316 SS
Process Mount: 2 NPT
Conduit Entrance: Single, ½ NPT
    LVR50-PP: General purpose
    LVR50 Series: Explosion proof
CE Compliance: EN 50082-2 immunity EN 55011 emission

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 Poznámka: Comes complete with operator's manual.

 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) DPI8 1/8 DIN Panel meter with 24 volt excitation, , (1) TX4-100 4 conductor wire, 100 ft spool = 8,530.00 Kč

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