MTO-LT Series
Pipe Insert Heaters

MTO-LT Series : Pipe Insert Heaters
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48,360.00  Kč *

  For Insertion into 2" or Larger Pipe
  Moisture/Explosion Resistant Enclosure*
  14 to 13 kW
  240 and 480 V, 1 Phase
  2" NPT Steel Screw Plug
  Lengths to 347"
  Incoloy Sheath Heating Elements

For use in those applications where process materials can be heated by inserting heater into a 2" or larger pipe. A pipe union will facilitate installation and eliminate the need for twisting the elements inside the pipe. Clearance room should be considered.

Choice of materials and surface loadings (W/in2) permit operating in the dead air space of pipes, tubes, or channels.

Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warning.

kW Volts Phase W/in2 Dimensions—In. (cm) Std.
Model No. Weight
lb (kg)
4240111.7127(322)120(309)2"(5)MTO-241LT/24012 (5)
4480111.7127(322)120(309)2"(5)MTO-241LT/48012 (5)
5240111.1163(160)156(396)2"(5)MTO-251LT/24016 (7)
5480111.1163(160)156(396)2"(5)MTO-251LT/48016 (7)
7.5240112.7211(536)204(518)2"(5)MTO-275LT/24022 (10)
7.5480112.7211(536)204(518)2"(5)MTO-275LT/48022 (10)
11.5480112.9319(810)312(792)2"(5)MTO-212LT/24036 (16)
13480112.5367(932)360(914)2"(5)MTO-213LT/48042 (19)

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 MTO-241LT/240V    48,360.00 Kč   Pipe insert heater, 1 phase, 4 kW, 240 V
 MTO-241LT/480V1P    48,360.00 Kč   Pipe insert heater, 4 kW, 480 V
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 * využijte možnost konzultovat ceny pøímo s našimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejní oddìlení, e-mail: viz. kontaktní informace)
 Poznámka: Higher kW available – consult OMEGALUX.®
 Pøíklad objednávky: (1) MTO-241LT/240V 1 phase, 4 kW pipe insert heater = 48,360.00 Kč

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