Thermocouple Data Logger with USB Interface

OM-EL-USB-TC : Thermocouple Data Logger with USB Interface
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2,750.00  Kč *

  Plugs Directly Into USB Port for Easy Setup and Data Download—No USB Cable Required
  Accepts Type J, K or T Thermocouples
  2 User-Programmable Alarm Thresholds
  Bright Red, Green and Orange LED Indication
  Low Battery Warning

The OM-EL-USB-TC thermocouple data logger measures and stores over 32,000 temperature readings from either a Type J, Type K or Type T thermocouple which plugs into a miniature female thermocouple receptacle at the base of the unit. The user can easily set up the initial data logging parameters including thermocouple type, logging rate, start-time, high/low alarm settings, logging mode and desired temperature units (°C or °F) and also download the stored data by plugging the module straight into a PC’s USB port and running the easy-to-use Windows software.

Downloaded data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications such as Excel. The data logger is supplied complete with a long-life lithium battery. Data logger status is indicated by flashing red, green and orange LEDs.

This thermocouple datalogger can be utilized in a variety of applications ranging from laboratory temperature measurement to in-field testing. Its compact size make it an ideal choice for any portable application.

Temperature Measurement Range:
Type J:
-130 to 900°C (-202 to 1652°F)
Type K: -200 to 1300°C (-328 to 2372°F)
Type T: -200 to 350°C (-328 to 662°F)
Resolution: 0.5°C (1°F)
Accuracy: ±1.0°C (±2.0°F)
Thermocouple Connection: Female subminiature thermocouple connector
Temperature Units: °C or °F selectable in software
Memory: 32,000 readings
Logging Interval: 1 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr
(selectable in software)
High/Low Alarms: Selectable in software
Start Date/Time: Selectable in software
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40°C (-14 to 104°F)
Visual Indicators (LEDs): 2 LEDs; the first LED flashes orange to indicate a problem
condition with the data logger such as low battery; the second LED indicates alarm status
and flashes green (temperature within limits) or red (temperature out of limits)
Software: Windows® 2000/XP/VISTA/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Power: 1/2 AA 3.6 V lithium battery (included)
Battery Life: 6 months (at 25°C and 1 minute logging interval)
Weight: 43 g (1.5 oz)
Dimensions: See PDF

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 OM-EL-USB-TC    2,750.00 Kč   Thermocouple data logger with USB interface
 OM-EL-BATT    260.00 Kč   Replacement 3.6 V lithium battery
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with Windows software, operator’s manual on CD-ROM, protective cap, pocket clip, 3.6 V lithium battery and Type K insulated beaded wire thermocouple with subminiature connector, part number SC-GG-K-30-36.
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