PCI Bus 96-Bit DIO Board for PCI Bus Computers

OME-PIO-D96 : PCI Bus 96-Bit DIO Board for PCI Bus Computers
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7,090.00  Kč *

  96 Digital I/O Channels Buffered on the Board
  8-Bit Groups Independently Selectable for I/O on Each 24-Bit Port
  Programmable I/O Ports Under Software Control
  Connects Directly to OME-DB-24 Series
  4 Interrupt Sources: P2C0, P5C0, P8C0, P11C0
  One D-Sub Connector, 3 50-Pin Flat Cable Connectors
  Automatically Detected by Windows XP/Vista/7
  No Base Address or IRQ Switches to Set

The OME-PIO-D96 provides 96 TTL digital I/O lines. The OME-PIO-D96 consists of twelve 8-bit
bi-directional ports. The 8-bit ports are named port A (PA), port B (PB), and port C (PC). All ports are configured as inputs upon power-up or reset. The OME-PIO-D96 has one D-Sub connector and three
50-pin flat cable connectors. Each connector provides access to 24 channels of digital I/O.

Each header can connect to a 50-pin flat cable. The flat cable can be connected to OME-ADP-37/PCI
or OME-ADP-50/PCI adapter which can be fixed on the computer chassis. The OME-PIO-DIO96 can be installed in a 5 V PCI bus and supports true "Plug & Play".

Software Development Kit
All boards are supplied with a standard software development kit for Windows XP/Vista/7. The software development kit includes dll files for programming in C,C++ or other high level languages and OCX files for Visual Basic or Active X programming. LabView drivers are also included.


Logic High Voltage: 2.4 V (min)
Logic Low Voltage: 0.8 V (max)
Sink Current: 64 mA (max)
Source Current: 32 mA (max)
4 Interrupt Sources: CON1, PORT 2, PC0, CON 2, PORT 5, PCO,
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 80°C (-4 to 176°F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
105 H x 180 mm W
(4.1 x 7.1")
Power Consumption: +5 V @1100 mA

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 OME-PIO-D96    7,090.00 Kč   PCI bus 96-bit DIO board
 OME-DB-24PD    5,420.00 Kč   24 channel isolated D/I board with 37-pin D-Sub connector
 OME-DB-24RD/12    8,980.00 Kč   24 channel relay board (12 V) with 37-pin D-Sub connector
 OME-DB-24PRD/12    12,290.00 Kč   24 channel power relay board (12 V) with 37-pin D-Sub connector
 OME-DB-24POR    11,660.00 Kč   24 channel photo mos relay output board with 1.5 m (5') 50-pin flat cable
 OME-DB-24SSR    23,160.00 Kč   24 channel solid state relay output board with 1.5 m (5') 50-pin flat cable
 OME-DB-24C    7,410.00 Kč   24 channel open-collector output board with 1.5 m (5') 50-pin flat cable
 OME-ADP-37/PCI    1,580.00 Kč   50-pin extender to OME-DB-37 (PCI bus)
 OME-ADP-50/PCI    1,580.00 Kč   50-pin extender (PCI bus)
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 Poznámka: All boards include utility software and a complete user ’s manual on CD-ROM.
OMEGACARE extended warranty program is available for models shown on this page. Ask your sales representative for full details when placing an order. OMEGACARE covers parts, labor and equivalent loaners.
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