Temperature Test Kit, OMEGMARKER® Crayon

OMEGAMARKER« : Temperature Test Kit, OMEGMARKER®  Crayon
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  From 100 to 750░F (38 to 399 deg C) Range
  10 Markers for Kit
  Individual Holders for Each Crayon
  2 1/2" (63 mm) Long Crayons
  Sharpener and Case included with Kit

For added convenience and versatility, OMEGA« provides the OMEGAMARKER« Temperature Test Kit for those who must measure many different temperatures. The standard kit includes 10 individual temperature-sensitive crayons plus a holder for each crayon, all in a self-contained case. The crayons indicate temperatures from 100 to 750░F (38 to 399░C) and are accurate to within ▒1%. Each crayon is 2 1/2" long.

All OMEGAMARKER« crayons are easy to use, but certain conditions must be considered. OMEGAMARKER« will not make any mark on smooth or rough surfaces in cold conditions. When rubbed hard on a rough surface, the OMEGAMARKER« gets ground and the powder is deposited on the surface which appears like a mark, but will not adhere. The correct way of using OMEGAMARKER« would be to strike it across a pre-heated surface during the heating process, using proper safety precautions. While the temperature is below the rated temperature there will not be a visible mark, but as soon as the surface reaches the rated temperature of the marker, at the point of contact the marker will melt and make a visible mark on the surface. This is an indication that the surface has reached the rated temperature of the OMEGAMARKER«. The crayons are suitable for testing most surfaces. Typical applications include lab use, forging, heat treating and fabrication of metals, molding of rubber and plastics, and general purpose use on any accessible heated surface.


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 OMEGAMARKER-FULL    2,780.00 Kč   10 Crayon Kit. 100F, 200F, 250F, 300F, 350F, 450F, 500F, 575F, 650F, 750F.
 OMEGAMARKER-LOW    2,780.00 Kč   10 Crayon Kit. 125F, 150F, 175F, 200F, 225F, 250F, 275F, 300F, 325F, 350F
 OMEGAMARKER-HIGH    2,780.00 Kč   10 Crayon Kit. 300F, 350F, 400F, 450F, 500F, 550F, 600F, 650F, 700F, 750F
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 P°Ýklad objednßvky: (1) OMEGAMARKER-LOW 10 individual temperature-sensitive crayons = 2,780.00 Kč

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