Automated Logger Interrogation and Reporting Software For Use With OM-320, OM-420, OMP-MNL, OMP-MODL Data Loggers - Discontinued

OM-HAP-LITE : Automated Logger Interrogation and Reporting Software For Use With OM-320, OM-420, OMP-MNL, OMP-MODL Data Loggers<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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12,760.00  Kč *

  Auto-Poll Mode Interrogates Remote
Loggers on a User Defined Schedule

  Auto-Answer Mode Accepts Alarm
and Scheduled Calls
from Remote Loggers

  Supports Logger Initiated Pop-Up
Message Display

  Log File Maintained of Interrogation
Status and Errors

  Custom Report Forms Simply Built in Excel
  Automation Links to Excel for Report Generation

The OM-HAP-LITE software as well as the OM-320, OM-420, OMP-MNL and OMP-MODL Series Data Loggers that it was used with have all been discontinued. Please see the OM-SQ2040 as a possible alternative data logger or contact our DAS Engineering department.

OM-HAP Logger Automation Software is a stand-alone application program that simply automates interrogation and alarming functions performed during the regular use of field located OM-320, OM-420, OMP-MNL or OMP-MODL dataloggers. The software can be configured to automatically call or receive calls from loggers and then perform data downloads, memory clears, collected data file conversion, posting of alarm messages, and even the generation of user customized reports through Excel. Designed to run as a true 32-bit application under Windows 95, 98 or NT, OM-HAP software provides unattended interrogation of dataloggers via a telephone modem, RS-232 or RF modem serial connection. The software will support both PC originated interrogation of field loggers (Auto-Poll Mode) as well as receipt of calls originated by field loggers (Auto-Answer Mode). In addition to data transfers from dataloggers to files on a PC, the software has a powerful report generation feature that facilitates automatic generation of user designed custom reports. With the report generator, users simply build a report template within Excel. When the logger is interrogated, the template is completed with field data and printed or sent to other applications.

For complete product specifications see the detailed data sheet in the related section below.

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 OM-HAP-LITE    12,760.00 Kč   HAP software for installation on one PC and communication with one logger.
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