Modular Portable Data Logging and Alarming System - Discontinued

OMP-MODL : Modular Portable Data Logging and Alarming System<span class=discontinue-title> - Discontinued</span>
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33,390.00  Kč *

  Modular Design Allows Flexibility to Meet Your Application Requirements
  Fully User Programmable Via Graphic Drag-and-Drop Icons
  Expandable to 24 Universal Analog Inputs
  Accepts Thermocouple, Voltage, Current, Frequency, RTD, Thermistor and Resistance Inputs
  Up to 48 Digital Inputs/Alarm Outputs
  Provided Complete with HyperWare Windows Software
  Conditional Logging, Math, Integrals, Delta Logging and Much More
  Low Power for Battery or Line Powered Use
  Full Differential, Bipolar Inputs
  Real-Time Trending to a PC Via Modem or RS-232 Link

The OMP-MODL has been discontinued. Please see the OM-SQ2040 as a possible alternative or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering Department.

The OMP-MODL Modulogger is a self-contained, battery or line-powered datalogger and alarm system, which can be deployed as a "stand-alone" system, or incorporated into equipment where it silently samples digital and analog inputs, storing them to internal or PCMCIA memory. Easily programmed, the OMP-MODL has extremely powerful processing capabilities for data reduction (averaging, min/max, etc.) mathematical manipulation (algebraic, trig, time integrals, etc.) as well as unlimited, user-programmable, intelligent data logging capabilities. Together with the supplied Hyperware for Windows software, the OMP-MODL is a powerful, fully user programmable datalogging and alarming system. The Hyperware software provides for graphical programming of the OMP-MODL, serial communications, real-time trending, plotting and spreadsheet conversion of collected data. The OMP-MODL consists of a user specified stack of ruggedly packaged, rectangular modules. The main CPU module can be expanded with additional analog inputs, digital I/O, display and memory expansion modules to meet your specific application needs.

CPU Module
A CPU module is required in all OMP-MODL systems as it contains the system microprocessor, data storage memory, 13 bit Analog to Digital converter basic user switches and indicators, RS-232 port and Cold Junction Compensation circuitry. It also includes four alarm outputs, four universal analog inputs, and one digital count/event input. The provided analog inputs are software configurable for 6 thermocouple types,15 ranges of DC voltage or 7 ranges of DC current (identical function/specs as add-on OMP-MLIM-1 Module). Each of the analog input channels sports full differential inputs, software programmable configuration, front-end completion circuitry and rugged suppression protection circuitry to insure reliable accurate readings. The CPU module also includes a Cold Junction Compensation input for thermocouple applications. If thermocouples are not used, the CJC channel can be used as a system temperature, resistance, thermistor, or contact closure input. A single software configurable, general-purpose digital input is provided for logging of events or counting pulse outputs from flow meters, encoders, or other pulse-train type sources. The CPU module also provides two isolated alarm relay outputs, a TTL alarm output, a Status LED and a regulated, current-limited 5 Vdc output, all controllable via software. “Enable”, “Stop” and “Reset” switches as well as LED status indicators are provided at one end of the CPU module. Input and Output wiring is handled through plug-in terminal strips which allow for mass connection and disconnection of wiring.

Expansion Modules
A full family of plug-on modules is available to expand the capability and features of the system. Modules are available for additional analog inputs, digital I/O, modem communication, PCMCIA memory card interface, user interface/display, and battery power. As modules are added, they stack onto the CPU module, building a layered instrument to meet your needs. Modules are self-identifying and configurable via the Hyperware software for input type and range within the module’s capability (e.g., the MLIM-4 accepts 2, 3, and 4 wire RTD, resistance and thermistor inputs each with a multitude of ranges, all under software control).

Designed for portable, plant floor, and long-term remote data collection applications, the OMP-MODL incorporates low power CMOS circuitry to provide up to 4 weeks of operation from its optional plug-on D-cell battery pack. A low-voltage power transformer can be used for indefinite logging.

HyperWare for Windows is a powerful multi-purpose software package provided with the OMP-MODL. It facilitates serial communications, provides for graphic programming of the OMP-MODL, real-time data trending, collected data graphic plotting and data export to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 OMP-MODL    33,390.00 Kč   Portable datalogging system with 16,000 reading memory with 4 universal analog inputs, one digital input and 4 discrete outputs.Includes Hyperware software,serial cable, AC adapter and user manual
 OMP-MODL-EXM    36,700.00 Kč   Portable datalogging system with 80,000 reading memory with 4 universal analog inputs, one digital input and 4 discrete outputs.Includes Hyperware software,serial cable, AC adapter and user manual
 OMP-ML-DISP-MDL   Kontaktujte prodejce  Display Module with 2 line x 16 character LCD and front panel user switches
 OMP-MLIM-1    6,120.00 Kč   Analog interface module; 4 channels of thermocouple, DC voltage and/or DC current inputs
 OMP-MLIM-2   Kontaktujte prodejce  Digital interface module; 4 channels of frequency, event, and/or count input, plus 4 digital outputs
 OMP-MLIM-4    5,800.00 Kč   Resistance interface module; 4 channels of RTD, thermistor and/or resistance inputs (individually selectable)
 OMP-MLIM-5   Kontaktujte prodejce  PCMCIA interface module; includes socket for SRAM memory cards (requires PCMCIA SRAM card)
 OMP-MLIM-8    4,510.00 Kč   Digital I/O interface module; 8 channels, individually configurable as inputs or outputs
 OMP-MODL-TOP   Kontaktujte prodejce  Top cover plate (required if OMP-DISP is not used)
 OMP-MODL-BACK   Kontaktujte prodejce  Back cover/mounting plate (required if OMP-MNL-BATT is not used)
 OMP-MLIM-5-144    7,720.00 Kč   Modem/PCMCIA interface module; includes 14400 baud modem and socket for SRAM memory cards
 OM-320-MC-50   Kontaktujte prodejce  PCMCIA SRAM memory card - approx. 65,000 samples (requires any OMP-MLIM-5 interface modules)
 OM-320-MC-200   Kontaktujte prodejce  PCMCIA SRAM memory card - approx. 250,000 samples (requires any OMP-MLIM-5 interface modules)
 OM-320-MC-400    11,880.00 Kč   PCMCIA SRAM memory card - approx. 500,000 samples (requires any OMP-MLIM-5 interface modules)
 OM-320-PD-2   Kontaktujte prodejce  PCMCIA drive connects to IBM PC serial port or USB port for reading data from PCMCIA SRAM cards. Includes software drivers.
 OM-220-RPS-1   Kontaktujte prodejce  Rechargeable power supply for sensor excitation and auxiliary logger power. Dual outputs programmable from 3.5 Vdc-22 Vdc
 OM-220-CHGR-12    4,820.00 Kč   Battery charger for stand-alone charging of batteries when not installed in OM-220-RPS-1 (115 Vac input)
 OMP-MNL-BATT    2,080.00 Kč   Battery pack module
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 Poznámka: Includes Hyperware software, serial cable, AC adapter and user manual.

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