OSXL-T420 Series
High Performance Infrared Camera

OSXL-T420 Series : High Performance Infrared Camera
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  1.3 MegaPixel Visual Camera
  Automatically Associates the Visual and Thermal JPEG Images
  Includes Free QuickReport Software for Analysis and Reporting
  Removable SD/Memory Card, USB and Video Out
  Onscreen Thumbnail Image Gallery
  In-Camera EmissivityTables, 5 Temperature Spots and Delta T Functionality
  Touch Screen Technology Adds Markers, Draws, Sketches
  Auto or Manual Focus with Up to 8x Continuous Digital Zoom
  Auto Hot/Cold Spot and Audible/Visual Alarms
  High Thermal Sensitivity for Maximum Temperature Accuracy
  Voice, Text and Sketch Annotation
  Built-In LaserLocatIR TM
  Long 4-Hour Battery with In-Camera Charging or Car Charger

The OSXL-T400 delivers 320 x 240 IR resolution—that’s 76,800 pixels. This, combined with FLIR’s exclusive Advanced Signal Processing, reduces image “noise” and produces razor-sharp thermal images four times the resolution of competing brands with 160 x 120 resolution. Image, as they say, is everything! ® Powered By The OSXL-T400 offers both auto and manual focus, making it easy for anyone to take razor-sharp thermal images and helping those new to infrared from taking out-of-focus images. A powerful one-touch 8x continuous digital zoom lets you zero-in to the optimal view, whereas other cameras deliver only preset zooms. The OSXL- T400 comes with a built-in standard 25° lens with the option of adding on a 45° wide angle or 15° telephoto lens.

Temperature Range:
    OSXL-T420: -20 to 650°C (-4 to 1202°F)
    OSXL-T440: -20 to 1200°C (-4 to 2192°F)
    OSXL-T420: 4X continuous
    OSXL-T440: 8X continuous
LCD Image Sketch (OSXL-T440): Draw on stored images right on touchscreen
Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) (OSXL-T440): IR image with enhanced detail presentation
Measurement Presets (OSXL-T440): Presets for standard measurements
Profile Measurement Analysis (OSXL-T440): Shows a live graph of temperatures across a line on the image

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 OSXL-T420    272,950.00 Kč   Thermal imaging infrared camera (320 x 240), 4X zoom
 OSXL-T440    369,340.00 Kč   Thermal imaging infrared camera (320 x 240), 8X zoom
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 Poznámka: Comes complete with IR camera with 25° lens, 30 Hz image frequency, integral visible light camera with lamp, transport case, lens cap, li-ion battery, battery charger, 3.5 mm plug headset, video cable, 2 m (6.6') USB cable standard, SD memory card, sun shield, stylus pen, user documentation CD-ROM in 21 languages, QuickReport Software, power supply and operator’s manual.

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