Industrial Wall Mount Controllers/ Recorder For pH or ORP

PHCN-370/371 : Industrial Wall Mount Controllers/ Recorder For pH or ORP
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  Measure, Control and Record pH or ORP
  NEMA Box Enclosure Single or Dual Input with Paper Recorder
  Display 4-Digit LED 13.7 mm (0.54")
  Microprocessor Based Versatility
  Compact Panel Design

The PHCN-370 Series of pH or ORP recorders and controllers provides a reliable method of monitoring, controlling and recording pH and ORP (Oxidizing Reduction Potential) for various industrial and chemical processes. The PHCN-370 has an impressive list of standard features which include NEMA 4X enclosure, digital display, paper or paperless data logging, relay output and manual or automatic temperature compensation. The PHCN-370 series features an inkless pressure sensitive paper recorder. The PHCN-370 series pressure sensitive recorder and controller will record up to 30 days of process data. Choose between either a single or dual parameter monitoring system of pH or ORP. The pH and ORP controller is a new microprocessor based design featuring manual or automatic temperature compensation, two mechanical relays for on-off control, digital display of either pH, ORP or temperature, calibration and parameter setpoints are programmable through the front keypad.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 PHCN-371-PH    81,120.00 Kč   Single input controller and paper recorder
 PHCN-371A-ORP    78,750.00 Kč   Single input controller and paper recorder for ORP measurement
 PHCN-45-CHART    650.00 Kč   One 30-day chart replacement accessory
 PHA-4710   Kontaktujte prodejce  Buffer kit accessory - 4,7,10 Capsules(2 of each)
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 Poznámka: Note: for 230 Vac power add “-230” suffix to model number, no additional charge.

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