RD45A & RD46A
200mm (8") Single and Dual Channel Flatbed Recorders, 14 Input Ranges from 1mV to 20Vdc

RD45A & RD46A : 200mm (8
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  14 input Ranges from 1 mV to 20 Vdc
  HOME Function Returns Pen to Plot Start
  GRID Function Aligns Pen to Paper Grid
  Zero Suppression from –100 to 500%
  Even Marker Standard
  Electric Pen Lift and Remote Control Options
  Pen Offset Compensation Optional

The RD45A single channel and RD46A dual channel flatbed recorders are ideal instruments for use in research, development and production, as well as in service and education applications. Designed for ease of use, these recorders have an ergonomic shape which allows the user to easily write comments on the chart, even next to the pen.

The wide, 200 mm (8") chart is capable of recording measurements from 1 mV full scale to 20 V. Chart speeds from 0.1 mm/min to 20 mm/sec (1 mm = 0.03937") are available. The electric pen lift function will automatically lift the pens if the chart has not been advanced for 30 seconds; this will lengthen pen life, as well as keep the chart paper clean and easy to read.

The RD45A and RD46A have built-in HOME and GRID functions.
The home function is useful for comparative measurements, where the chart is rewound automatically to the same starting point. The grid function moves the pen to an exact grid line on the chart, which allows for easy repetitive measurements. As an option, pen offset compensation is available. This eliminates the recording offset caused by the distance between the two pens.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 RD45A-EPL    128,520.00 Kč   Single channel recorder with electrical pen lift, 200 mm (8")
 RD46A-EPL    192,780.00 Kč   Dual channel recorder with electrical pen lift, 200 mm (8")
 RDX40-RD1    1,610.00 Kč   6 red pens, channel 1; also event marker
 RDX40-BL    1,610.00 Kč   6 blue pens, channel 1
 RDX40-GR    1,610.00 Kč   6 green pens, channel 1
 RDX40-BK    1,610.00 Kč   6 black pens, channel 1
 RDX40-RD2    1,610.00 Kč   6 red pens, channel 2
 RDX40-BK2    1,610.00 Kč   6 black pens, channel 2
 RDX40-RP    4,350.00 Kč   10 rolls of chart paper, 25 m (82') each
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* One Pen Offset Compensation module required in RD46A for POC feature or one per channel for RS-232 data transmission. Transmission of data occurs after each step of the chart drive.
Each recorder comes with one pen for each channel, one 25 m (82') roll of paper, power cord, fuse, input adaptor connectors and complete operator’s manual.

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