RH-202 Series
Handheld Relative Humidity Meters

RH-202 Series : Handheld Relative Humidity Meters
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  Waterproof to IP65 (With Plug Connected)
  Magnified Display
  Separate Battery Compartment
  RH Accuracy±2%
  -10 to 100°C (14 to 212°F)
  Backlight (RH-202)
  Auto Switch-Off (RH-202)
  °C/°F/RH Selection Button (RH-202)
  External Probe Option (RH-202L)
  Max/Min Averaging (RH-202L)
  Display Hold (RH-202L)
  Logging (250 Readings on Demand or Preset Interval) (RH-202L)
  Data Store with 4-Digit Data Code Input (RH-202L)
  Dewpoint Measurement (RH-202L)
  Auto Range/Range Lock (RH-202L)

Logging on Demand
Logging on Demand allows readings to be stored when required, with the ability to add a four-digit reference number (including decimal point) to each reading and record the date and time each reading is taken. This function is excellent for helping you cut down on paperwork and clerical errors. It is ideally suited to tasks where you wish to maintain a record of the time and date when a temperature was taken.
Preset Interval Logging
Preset Interval Logging lets you determine the frequency at which readings are taken. Once the instrument has been set, readings are taken automatically at the interval you decide (from once every minute to once every 24 hours), providing an excellent means of troubleshooting and examining trends over a given period of time. With Preset Interval Logging, you really can “set it, forget it” as the instrument will continue logging until a maximum of 250 readings are taken or your data is downloaded.
Data Analysis
Data can be viewed and analyzed direct from the magnified display. By simply pressing a few keys you can scroll through your readings with ease. You may then download the data to a PC or Epson compatible printer via OMEGA’s HHP-2000-DL. Data can then be analyzed using our OM-MLWIN.
Data Download with the HHP-2000-DL
Access to stored information is gained via OMEGA’s infrared HHP-2000-DL, which is designed to give users a quick and simple means of retrieving and downloading data. Information can be output direct to either an Epson compatible printer for immediate study or downloaded to a PC for more detailed analysis.
Data Analysis With OM-MLWIN for Windows
OMEGA has created a Windows software package enabling information to be put into spreadsheets and charts for incorporating into reports and other documents. Even separate reports from different units can be merged to produce one report.

PC analysis really couldn’t be any simpler. By following the software’s simple menu instructions, you will find it easy to view and manipulate information to your individual requirements. For example, once a logging session is complete, all you need to do in order to gain access to information stored within the instrument is position the PC’s cursor over the “Retrieve Data” menu icon, click once and press a button on the instrument. Information is then automatically transferred, via the infrared link and stored within the computer.

You may display the retrieved information in graph format by positioning the cursor over the “Display As Graphical Data” menu icon and click again. You can access the graph produced to highlight certain areas or key data points, prior to printing or exporting the graph into other software packages.

Furthermore, all graphs show the identification number of the instrument used, enabling data to be cross-checked against calibration records helping to ensure full traceability.

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 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 HHP-2000-DL    5,140.00 Kč   Infrared Download Box and Data Link
 OM-MLWIN    650.00 Kč   Windows Software (requires 4MB RAM and Windows 3.1x or 95)
 HHP-2000-RB    1,360.00 Kč   Spare Rubber Boot
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 Poznámka: Units come with RH/Temp probe, rubber boot, 2 AA Battery and manual

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