SSRDC100V Series
Solid State Relays for Vdc Input/ Vdc Output

SSRDC100V Series : Solid State Relays for Vdc Input/ Vdc Output
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  Output Current Range to 40 Adc
  Output Voltage Range, 0 to 100 Vdc
  Input Signal Range, 4 to 28 Vdc
  Compatible with Most Logic Systems
  Optically Isolated
  2500 Volt Isolation
  100% Tested at Rated Current
  High Surge Ratings
  Fast Switching Times


  Output Current Ratings
  Optional Clear Plastic Safety Cover
  Heat Sinks to Control Ambient Temperature

OMEGA’s SSRDC100V series solid state relays are dc input/dc output switching devices with no moving parts. These SSR’s are capable of switching at high speeds without the noise associated with electromechanical relays. MOSFET outputs provide reliable switching.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 SSRDC100VDC12    1,470.00 Kč   dc solid state relay with 12 A nominal rating
 SSRDC100VDC20    1,680.00 Kč   dc solid state relay with 20 A nominal rating
 SSRDC100VDC40    2,130.00 Kč   dc solid state relay with 40 A nominal rating
 SSRDC-COVER    150.00 Kč   Clear Safety Cover
 FHS-7    1,470.00 Kč   Finned Heat Sink with 1.0 C/W nominal rating
 FHS-8    630.00 Kč   Finned Heat Sink with 1.5 C/W nominal rating
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