SUR Series
DialTemp™ Surface Thermometers Dual Fahrenheit & Celsius Dials

SUR Series : DialTemp™ Surface Thermometers Dual Fahrenheit & Celsius Dials
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1,670.00  Kč *

  Dual Fahrenheit and Celsius Dials
  Quick Accurate Response
  Magnets Provide Stable Mounting on Ferrous Surfaces

Operating Instructions:
This unique, handy little gage is great for use in sensing the temperature of almost any surface. The bimetal sensing element is exposed to allow quick accurate response to surface temperature, but adequately shielded from damage by a protective cover and heat collector. For the most accurate reading this surface thermometer should be used in still air. Place the gage on the surface where you wish to know the temperature – dial face up with bimetal sensing element against the surface. The magnets will allow placement in any position on a ferrous surface. It can also be used on any other material with a horizontal surface. Allow about a minute for the sensing element to stabilize and then read the temperature. Higher or lower air temperatures surrounding the thermometer or a draft over the surface may slightly affect the temperature indicated.

Some Typical Applications:
Air ducts, boilers, cabinets, drums, engines, enclosures, fire boxes, manifolds, platens, plumbing, piping, refrigerators and many others.

Head Size: 5.08 cm (2")
Height: 1.27 cm (11/2")
Weight: 56.7 g (2 oz) approx
Dial: White background, blue marks and numbers
Case: Aluminum with optically clear crystal
Sensing Element: Precision calibrated bimetal coil
Accuracy: ±2% of full scale
Response Time: Approximately 1 minute
Mounting: Two magnets on back

 Čķslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 SUR-15    1,670.00 Kč   0-150F, -20-65C THERMOMETER
 SUR-25    1,670.00 Kč   0-250F, -20-120C THERMOMETER
 SUR-50    1,770.00 Kč   0-500F, -20-260C THERMOMETER
 SUR-75    1,770.00 Kč   50-750F, 10-400C THERMOMETER
 T-27    170.00 Kč   Spring Handle
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 Pųķklad objednįvky: (1) SUR-75 50-750F, 10-400C THERMOMETER = 1,770.00 Kč

Popis voleb
(1) Temperature Range
  Vyberte 15 pro -20 to 65°C (0 to 150°F), 25 pro -20 to 120°C (0 to 250°F), 50 pro -20 to 260°C (0 to 500°F), 75 pro 10 to 400°C (50 to 750°F)
 Poznįmka: ne všechny kombinace jsou sprįvné, ovģųte si sprįvnost čķsla modelu.

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