OMEGAFLEX® Unreinforced Polyurethane Ether Tubing

TYUTH : OMEGAFLEX® Unreinforced Polyurethane Ether Tubing
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650.00  Kč *

  Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  Flexible at Low Temperatures

OMEGA’s Polyurethane tubing is available in two different formulations: TYUS polyester and TYUTH polyether. TYUS polyester tubing is extremely durable, resisting both abrasion and flex fatigue. It remains flexible and transparent even at low temperatures. TYUS polyester tubing is highly resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons and petroleum products; however, it is NOT recommended for use with water-based solutions. TYUTH polyether tubing is more flexible than TYUS polyester tubing and is the formulation utilized in select peristaltic pump applications. Like TYUS polyester tubing, TYUTH polyether tubing also has excellent abrasion resistance and remains flexible at low temperatures.

 Èíslo modelu  Cena (bez DPH)  Popis  Ks
 TYUTH-18116-100    650.00 Kč   1/8 O.D. (in), 1/16 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-31618-100    810.00 Kč   3/16 O.D. (in), 1/8 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-1418-100    1,450.00 Kč   1/4 O.D. (in), 1/8 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-14316-100    1,450.00 Kč   1/4 O.D. (in), 3/16 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-516316-100    1,610.00 Kč   5/16 O.D. (in), 3/16 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-51614-100    1,120.00 Kč   5/16 O.D. (in), 1/4 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-3814-100    2,080.00 Kč   3/8 O.D. (in), 1/4 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-1214-100    4,670.00 Kč   1/2 O.D. (in), 1/4 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-716516-100    2,430.00 Kč   7/16 O.D. (in), 5/16 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-916516-100    7,250.00 Kč   9/16 O.D. (in), 5/16 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-1238-100    3,060.00 Kč   1/2 O.D. (in), 3/8 I.D. (in),
 TYUTH-91638-100    4,510.00 Kč   9/16 O.D. (in), 3/8 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-5838-100    6,460.00 Kč   5/8 O.D. (in), 3/8 I.D.(in)
 TYUTH-5812-100    3,690.00 Kč   5/8 I.D. (in), 1/2 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-3412-100    8,040.00 Kč   3/4 I.D. (in), 1/2 I.D. (in)
 TYUTH-131658-100    7,090.00 Kč   13/16 I.D. (in), 5/8 I.D. (in)
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 * využijte možnost konzultovat ceny pøímo s našimi prodejci  (tel: 596 311 899 - prodejní oddìlení, e-mail: viz. kontaktní informace)
 Poznámka: All styles of tubing are transparent, except ester in 5 /16 x 3 /16 , 3 /8 x 1 /4 , and 1 /2 x 3 /8 sizes, which are translucent white.
Consult Flow Engineering for Color availability.
Comes complete with operators' manual.
All models are 100 Feet

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