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Termistorové sondy, elementy a příslušenství
Precizní a speciální termistorové sondy

Model Popis Obrázek
HSTH-44000 Series Hermetic Flexible Thermistor Sensors PFA Jacketed
M8/M12 Series Field Mountable M8 and M12 Connectors
OL-701 and OL-702 Series Precision Linear Thermistor Sensors
OL-704 Series Linear Tubular Glass Thermistor Sensors
OL-705 and OL-706 Series Linear Thermistor Sensors for Air Temperature Measurements
OL-708 Series Linear Banjo Thermistor Sensors for Surface and Immersion
OL-709 Series Attachable Surface Linear Immersion Thermistor Sensors
OL-729 Series Small Surface Thermistor Sensors
ON-400 série Termistorové sondy série 400
ON-401_ON-402 Series Precision Thermistor Sensors for Laboratory Applications
ON-404-PP Tubular Glass Thermistor Sensors
ON-405, ON-406, ON-905, and ON-906 Series Precision Thermistor Sensors for AirTemperature Measurements
ON-408-PP Banjo Style Thermistor Sensor
ON-409 and ON-909 Series Precision Thermistor Sensors for Surface Temperature Measurements
ON-900 série Precizní výměnné termistorové sondy
ON-901 Series Rugged Vinyl Tipped Thermistor Sensor
ON-920TA Series Detachable Threaded Thermistor Probe Assembly
ON-930 Series Flag-Mount Thermistor Sensor
ON-940 Series Precision Thermistor Sensor for High-Humidity Environments
ON-950 Series Thermistor Sensor Bolt-Mount
ON-960 Series Flange-Mount Thermistor Sensor
SA1-TH-44000 Series Thermistor Sensor Surface-Mount Stick-On or Cement-On
SLK/SLF Series Spring Loading Options for 1/4" Diameter Probes
TH-44000-NPT Series Pipe-Plug Thermistor Probes
THS-H-CB-120 Series Sanitary Thermistor Probes Heavy-Duty with Integral Cable
THS-H-M12 Series THERMISTOR PROBES for Sanitary applications, Heavy-Duty, with M12 Connector
THS-H-NB9W Series Sanitary Thermistor Assemblies Heavy-Duty with Integral Cable