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Wall Mount Controller For Temperature, Process or Bridge (Load Cell or Strain) Inputs

CNi8C-EN Series

wall mount process controller | CNi8C-EN Series

wall mount process controller

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5 let záruka CE
  • Easy-to-Use Digital Controller with PID and Ramp/Soak
  • Bright Programmable 3-Colour Changing Display
  • Universal Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, Process Voltage or Current, Strain
  • 2 Control or Alarm Outputs, Choice of:
    Mechanical Relays
    Solid State Relays
    Analogue Voltage and Current
  • IP65 Sealed Enclosure with Input and Output Cable Glands
  • Fuses for SSR or Relay Outputs
  • 90 to 240 Vac Operation
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*Starting from May 1st 2018, CNI8C-EN Series will be discontinued. As a possible substitute, please check out the standard CNi8C Series with the optional DP20-WME wall-mount enclosure.*

The CNi8C-EN is a compact, wall-mountable meter and controller that can be used for applications that need a fixed location, when a control panel is not required. The controller supports a variety of temperature and process, or strain and process inputs. The flip-top enclosure makes programming and wiring access easy.

Weight: 1.22 Kg
Dimensions: 206 H x 183 W x 124 mm D
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Line Voltage/Power:
90-240 Vac ±10%, 50-400 Hz*, 110-375 Vdc equivalent voltage
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Poznámka: Comes complete with meter/controller, one power input fuse, output fuses as required, power cable (with country specific plug), IP65 cable glands for input and output wiring.

Tvorba čísla modelu

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Popis voleb:

(1) Model vybrat z:
CNi8C pro Temperature/Process Wall Mount Digital Controller
CNiS8C pro Strain/Process Wall Mount Digital Controller

(2) Control Outputs #1 & 2 Direct (Cool) or Reverse (Heat) Acting vybrat z:
22 pro Two solid state relays (SSRs) 0.5 A @ 120/240 Vac continuous
23 pro SSR and relay Form C SPDT 3 A @ 120 Vac 3 A @ 240 Vac
33 pro 2 Relays Form C SPDT 3 A @ 120 Vac 3 A @ 240 Vac
52 pro Analogue Output selectable as either control or retransmission of process value 0 to 10 Vdc or 0-20 mA @ 500 ohm max. and SSR
53 pro Analogue Output 0 to 10 Vdc or 0-20 mA @ 500 ohm max. and Relay

(3) Network Options vybrat z:
Nic (nechte pole prázdné) pro No network option
-C24 pro Isolated RS232 and RS485 300 to 19.2 k baud

(4) Power Supply vybrat z:
Nic (nechte pole prázdné) pro 110 Vac Power Cable with USA Plug (NEMA 5-15)
-C pro 230 Vac Power Cable & Plug used in China (CH1-10)
-E pro 230 Vac Power Cable with 2-Pin EU Plug (EU1-16)
-U pro 240 Vac Power Cable with 3-Pin UK Plug (UK1-13)

(5) Factory Setup Option vybrat z:
Nic (nechte pole prázdné) pro no option
-FS pro Factory Setup and Configuration
Poznámka: Všechny kombinace nemusí být správné, ověřte si správnost čísla modelu.