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Fiber Optic Thermometer

FOB100 Series

Fiber Optic Thermometer | FOB100 Series

Fiber Optic Thermometer

91,650Kč FOB101

  • NIST Certificate Included
  • 1, 2, or 4 Channels
  • Large Display
  • No Calibration Required
  • Voltage or Current Output
  • RS232 or Optional Software Available
  • Ideal for Microwave-Type Applications
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Click on this link if you need more information about Fibre optic sensors.

The FOB100 Series comprises high-accuracy, multipurpose fiber optic thermometers with 1, 2, or 4 channels. They use an original algorithm to analyze incoming signals, measuring the temperature on each channel.
The standard analog output is 0 to 10 V; 4 to 20 mA is optional. Sensors are sold separately in various cable lengths (see “To Order” chart), are interchangeable, and do not require calibration.
With the optional FOB100-SOFT software for Windows (see “Accessories”), the user can download data to a PC via the RS232 communications port on the front panel. Software features include min/max alarm; full data logging functions; and bar-graph, trend-line, or statistics display.
The FOB100’s rugged enclosure and immunity to EMI/RFI interference make it ideal for demanding industrial and laboratory applications.
Tabulka pro objednání(Vyberte si model a zadejte počet kusů)

Co koupili ostatní: Když vidíte tuto ikonu, klikněte na ní a uvidíte seznam zboží, které nakoupili ostatní lidé, když si objednali tento model.

Číslo modelu/ Popis
FOB101 Star
Dostupnost: 6 týdny
1-channel fiber optic benchtop thermometer
FOB102 Star
Dostupnost: 6 týdny
2-channel fiber optic benchtop thermometer
Klikněte pro rozbalení/sbalení seznamu zobrazujícího co nakoupili otatní s tímto produktemFOB104
FOB104 Star
Dostupnost: 6 týdny
4-channel fiber optic benchtop thermometer
Required Sensors
FOBS-2 Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Sensor with 2 m (6.5') cable
FOBS-10 Star
Dostupnost: 3 týdny
Sensor with 10 m (33') cable
FOBS-20 Star
Dostupnost: 6 týdny
Sensor with 20 m (66') cable
FOBS-30 Star
Dostupnost: 6 týdny
Sensor with 30 m (98') cable**
Klikněte pro rozbalení/sbalení seznamu zobrazujícího co nakoupili otatní s tímto produktemFOB100-SOFT
FOB100-SOFT Star
Dostupnost: 3 týdny
Windows software and RS232 cable
FOBS-CAB-(*) Star
Konzultujte s prodejním oddělením  
Polyurethane, sensor extension cable, 2 m (6.5')
Všechny ceny zobrazeny v Kč (bez DPH)
Poznámka: * Add number of meters. Each additional meter over 2, add $15 per meter.
** Maximum available length is 30 m (98').
Comes with complete operator's manual, NIST certificate, and 120 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz power supply.
To change the 0 to 10 V output to a 4 to 20 mA output, add “-PV” to the model number, no additional charge.
For corrosive environments, add “-PTFE” to the model number and add $50 to price.