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FTB380 Series

Turbine Flowmeters for Fuel | FTB380 Series

Turbine Flowmeters for Fuel

16,050Kč FTB383

1 rok záruka CE
  • Indicates Both Rate and Total
  • Up to 1.5% Reading Accuracy
  • 6-Digit Display
  • Signal Output Capabilities
  • Reads GPM or LPM (Field Selectable)
  • Battery Operated (Included)
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FTB380 Series turbine meters with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, highprecision fuel measurement device, with total and rate indication. Information is clearly displayed on a large 6-digit liquid crystal display with only 2-point floating decimal for totals from 0.01 to 999,999. All operations are easily performed with only 2 buttons.

The basic unit and display are powered by 2 lithium batteries, providing up to 4000 hours of use. Automatic "on" and "off" extend battery life. Manual "on" allows view of the display on demand. Cumulative total, batch total, and rate of flow are standard. A singlepoint field calibration curve can be stored in memory.

The turbine meter can also be ordered without display electronics. A special pulse output module (FLSC790-P-ND) must be ordered to obtain an open collector current sinking output operated on 9 to 35 Vdc. The output is a square wave pulse with a 3-wire connection.

Accessories for Turbine Meters with the Dislay
The FTB790-RK-FM is an FM approved remote kit. It allows the display electronics to be mounted in a hazardous area up to 30 m (100') from the turbine meter and for fluid temperatures of -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F).

The FLSC790-BATT is the replacement battery for the display electronics. Batteries provide 4000 hours of use.

The FLSC790-90D is a 90° mounting adaptor designed to allow displays to be mounted 90°from the standard position.

    FTB381: ±5% rdg
    FTB383, FTB385: ±1.5% rdg
    FTB381: ±1%
    FTB383, FTB385: ±0.2%
Pressure Rating: 300 psig (21 bar)
With Remote Electronics Kit: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F)
Temperature Range (Without Remote Electronics): -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Viscosity: Rated accuracy for fuels or fluids With viscosity of (1 cSt); meters with display can be used for fluids up to 100 cSt with field calibration
Wetted Components:
    Housing: Aluminum
    Journal Bearings: Ceramic (96% alumina)
    Shaft: Tungsten carbide
    Rotor and Supports: Nylon
    Retaining Rings: 316 SS
Display: 6-digit LCD indicates flow rate, batch and cumulative total
Battery Life: 4000 hours
FM Approvals: Turbine meters with display and no accessories or with the FLSC790-RK-FM are FM approved for Class 1, Div. 1 hazardous environments
Note: Other outputs and accessories are not designed for hazardous environments
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Nejoblíbenější modely

Číslo modelu/ Popis
FTB381 Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Aluminum turbine low flow with display, 1"
FTB383 Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Aluminum turbine mid-range with display, 1"
FTB385 Star
Dostupnost: 10 týdny
Aluminum turbine high flow with display, 2"
FTB381-ND Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Aluminum turbine low flow, no display, 1"
FTB383-ND Star
Dostupnost: 10 týdny
Aluminum turbine mid-range, no display, 1"
FTB385-ND Star
Dostupnost: 10 týdny
Aluminum turbine high flow, no display, 2"
FLSC790-P-ND Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Pulse output for models without displays "-ND" suffix); open collector output
FTB790-RK-FM Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
FM approved remote display kit module
Klikněte pro rozbalení/sbalení seznamu zobrazujícího co nakoupili otatní s tímto produktemFLSC790-BATT
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
Two 3V replacement batteries
FLSC790-90D Star
Dostupnost: 2 týdny
90º display mounting adaptor
Všechny ceny zobrazeny v Kč (bez DPH)
Poznámka: Comes complete with two 3V lithium batteries (already installed) and operator's manual.

Note: Other outputs and accessories are not designed for hazardous environments.

For 5-point NIST traceable certification, add suffix "-NIST" to the model number; add $375. to the price.