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OMEGA-FLO® 4-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics 1/4 " NPT


4-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics 1/4

4-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics 1/4 " NPT

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  • Ideal for Double Acting Cylinders
  • Manual Override Standard
  • 120 Vac
  • Low Power
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Follow this link if you want to know how a solenoid valve works.

OMEGA’s Model SV-1801 4-way solenoid valve is an internally piloted poppet valve with epoxy-encapsulated coil, low power consumption, and high cycling rate. It features a high-quality plastic body with molded-in threaded bushings. Manual override is standard. Seal material is Buna. Temperature range is from -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F). The valve is ideal for use with compressed air to actuate medium-sized cylinders and actuators. Electrical connection is by conduit plug.

Mounting Position:Any (preferably with solenoid system upright)
Max. Ambient Temp.: 54°C (130°F)
Voltage Tolerance: ±10%
Power Consumption in Warm State:3.5 vA/2 W
Opening Time (msec): Approx. 50
Closing Time (msec): Approx.30
CyclingRate:100-500cpm (depending on operation pressure)
Duty Cycle:Continuous (100%)

Please download PDF file below for full product specifications.

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Omega-FLO 4-way solenoid valve, NPT 1/4 port, 0.97 Cv, 15 to 140 PSI, 1/4" Orifice Diameter, .88 lbs
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Poznámka: A pressure difference of at least 15 psi is required to ensure operation.

Comes complete with operator’s manual.